Roast Turkey Dinner & How to paint a kitchen

I believe this time you deserve a bit of explanation here. Uh, well this is a tough one. You see, we were supposed to have a family dinner this last Saturday. That didn’t work out and I forgot to cancel the turkey order. Which means we were going to have a load of turkey for the next few days. Fine, because I WANTED A TURKEY DINNER WITH GRAVY. Okay now, that all makes sense right? Right. Here is where it takes a bit of a turn. Most of last week I’ve been antsy to DO something. Either the floor or the kitchen cabinets were going to get it. Some way, some how.
It wasn’t until Saturday night that I had a load of dreams all about painting the kitchen cabinets blood red. So be it, I was going to paint the kitchen cabinets! Luckily I love my family so I decided to use paint instead of real blood.
However, our semi-local paint store doesn’t have interior gloss blood red. They had a semi-gloss “rocket red” (just a few shades short of hot pink). Hey, I’ll take what I can get. If I don’t like them I can always do a darker wash or just paint over the suckers.
That’s right, our lower kitchen cabinets are now very very very RED. With chrome handles and hinges.
The picture above is me getting the bird ready while the oil base primer is drying.
We ate on time and the kitchen was mostly back into place by the time we were ready for bed.

It was so damn good.

One thought on “Roast Turkey Dinner & How to paint a kitchen

  1. You do realize you were dreaming of Mother Dear’s cabinets?
    I loved that kitchen, if it weren’t for the avocado fridge, brown stove, brick linoleum all opening onto the lime green breakfast room with plenty of natural sunlight. Ouch, that house hurt.
    Can’t wait to see the cabinets… POST PICTURE NOW! I like the idea of “rocket red”…