New Years Breakfast – Egg-in-a-Hole

You bet it’s a little white trashy, but oh so yummy. I was up and ready for the day by 7:30 New Years Day and realized I had no breakfast meat. Kinda sucks, but one tries to be big about such things. We’re adults right? You bet. I stuck my nose into the Cheerios box, a few cabinets and then the fridge. Sure I could have had a nice cheese omelette with some chives er something. Then it hit me, if you don’t have breakfast meat, HAVE AN EGG-IN-A-HOLE !!!! That, salt & pepper with hot sauce and I’m set ’till noon.
Happy New Year ya’ll.

17 thoughts on “New Years Breakfast – Egg-in-a-Hole

  1. I fail to see how egg-in-a-hole is “a little white trashy.” You didn’t use lots o’ lard, and we didn’t have it with hash or white gravy goo. In my world, egg-in-a-hole is haute cuisine, babe!!! Gimme another!

  2. Where I come from those are called “hobo eggs”. That qualifies as white trash cookin’ in my book.
    Though further investigation has lead me to believe that there may be some difference of opinion to what a “hobo egg” is.
    Quote: Hobo Eggs
    After the flames have died from the campfire, place eggs down into
    the coals. BE SURE to chip a hole in the top of each egg or they will
    explode! After the embers have cooled take out the eggs and peel.
    They’ll have a really nice smoky flavor and consistency of hard-
    boiled eggs. :end Quote
    If memory serves me correctly, the Jailhouse Egg? Heard of that but never found out what that’s all about.

  3. My mom called em “one eyed Egyptians”
    You the center of the bread with a round
    cookie cutter and butter that little piece and fry
    it while the egg is cooking. No it’s not white trashy.

  4. One Eyed Egyptians? That’s a great name!
    I still say it’s white trashy. There must be someone else out there that will take my side. Anyone?

  5. Any sauce or recipe including a can of Campbells Soup for “flavoring”. Now that’s “white trashy”.

  6. You bet! Nothing like 2200mg of sodium! Scrumptious.
    I wonder what 2200mg of sodium looks like. I think I’ll grab a little digital scale from work and SEE. Maybe it really isn’t all that much. Maybe I add that to a large vat of sketti sauce and don’t even know it. Mebe.

  7. Thing is you prolly don’t sit there and eat the entire 4 to 6 qts. of Sketti… The way you might if it was, for example, a can of soup or a ramen cup.

  8. Hmmm … yeah I dunno. I don’t make that much sketti. Maybe a few quarts at the furry most. I tend to add a load of salt though, until it tastes good. Dr. B

  9. I have every right to man! MSG was the ingredient that put me in the hospital for the first time with kidney problems. MSG really puts your kidneys into overtime. And with that weak one, it tore me a new one. Salt is bad, but not like MSG. It was like passing a kidney stone 24 hours a day for a week.

  10. Eggs in holes.
    Is that related to the golf procedure “Hole in One?”
    MSG is really baaad stuff. Nobody wants to fool around with it. It is lethal. It will eat away any surface.
    As for sodium or “salt” well, not real good either unless it comes already packaged like in carrots, celery, eggs and then, anyone with any sense should add up the amount of salt they consume everyday and “watch out.” No one should consume more than 300mg per day. It can be quite injurious, can lead to overweight and heart problems and high blood pressure.
    Check out the sodium content of bottled water. Drink only bottled water than has 0 – zero – none – mgs of sodium!
    But, doggone it, salt surely does make things taste excellent, doesn’t it all?

  11. Yeah salt, then there’s that viking salt…
    How’d egg in a hole rate so many responses?
    You need more content. What the hell you been eatin’ Biggle Boy, cereal for dinner???

  12. NO shit huh? Talk about NO inspiration. Yeah, cereal, leftovers & just repeating the same old meals. Pot Roast, roasted chickens, soups, beef roasts, pork roasts, taters, rice, gravy and Viking Salt! I sprinkled some ground viking salt over pot roast this last weekend and M thought I’d been smoking cigars. Sigh.