Piri Piri II – The Second Story

The piri piri is done! Well, okay it was done a few days ago. At first I was excited to see how it would come out. Then, after seeing it stew in its own juices for those seven days I was a bit apprehensive. If I didn’t do it right opening that jar could unleash some unholy brewness …

I figured the best way to start was to marinate some chicken over night. This would give me a good idea as how to best marinade using this stuff.
Well first off the olive oil turned to a solid. I don’t know if that slows the infusion of flavor or not, my guess is that it does. Maybe doing a room temperature marinade for an hour or so would be best. Heck, just not leaving it in the fridge over night might be okay too.
Onward, the chicky sat in the juice, in the fridge over night. I brought it up to room temperature while preparing the grill.
Last years method for cooking chicken on the grill requires a good sear first. Get a little caramelization on the skin and make it look pretty. Then toss it to the side, close the lid and let it sit for two hours. During this time I only stir the coals from time to time and add a few more hickory chunks. YUM.
It was tasty alright, but not quite the punch I was expecting. Of course the hickory smoked chicken portion was pretty strong I suppose. I believe the long slow cooking of the chicken probably evened out the healthy green piri piri. I’ll have to try it again, just to see.

Well, I decided to try the Green Death in some eggs this morning. This I thought would get me closer. It did and it was really nice. A teaspoon is about what I added and I have to say it was quite tasty. I was really expecting something fermented and crazy. But it tends to be green, smooth with a nice bite at the end.
I think Chuck Taggart is right, you have to have some on hand at all times.

4 thoughts on “Piri Piri II – The Second Story

  1. Biggles, I swear, I cannot eat another piece of chicken, no matter how or what it’s cooked in! Have you known anyone else who is suffering from chicken burn-out?

  2. Chicken Burnout. I can imagine. This last year we (I) didn’t grill all that much. Well, compared to the previous year that is.
    I swear, if you’d had that smoked chicken last night with us you would have jumped in face first. It was that good.
    That chicken I pulled out of the smoker was JUICY. It wasn’t dry … it was perfect.
    But if chicken is truly making you crazy, try pork. That’s what I do. PORK IT TONIGHT and be happy !!!