It’s been about a month since my trek into Berkeley’s The Spanish Table rendered me a complete and total wreck. They were out of Pebrella. I was out of Pebrella, oh the horror.
Okay, so that is a bit too much drama. Even so, I was darned excited this morning when I called to see if it had come in. It had and I was out the door.
Pebrella is a rare form of wild thyme indigneous to the area between Valencia and Alicante. The flavor is quite warm and well rounded compared to our American dried thyme and has a nice rich perfume that works well on and in many dishes. I use it as a garnish or rub for meats & vegies. Even on the morning’s eggs is quite wonderful. And since I do use it in rubs for meat the darned stuff doesn’t last long.
Those pretty little jars are my own creation. Pebrella comes in 25g bags for about four bucks off the shelf. If you’re looking for an interesting dried herb friend, try it. Go!

2 thoughts on “HERB ALERT !!!

  1. I’m pouring mine into my own little bottle, IKEA has nice little spice jars fer real cheap.
    So I isolated the taste by nibbling on a little bit and I gave some to Mrs. Meathead who exclaimed “TASTES LIKE OREGANO!”
    I must concur. I look forward to using it on my food stuffs.
    Thanks for the reup and the baggie, dude.