MEAT ALERT !!! smoked brined chickens

HOOYAH there are some happenings about town today. I know over the past year I’ve mentioned Rick’s Quality Meats of El Cerrito a few times. He, back then, was smoking meats out of the backyard smoker I sold him (he modified it considerably to make it more efficient). This means he was only able to do a dozen half chickens or so at a time. They were usually pre-sold, if not they were gone that day. Times have changed for Rick.

A month ago or more he procured a rusty grill about 1/4 the size of an old volkswagon beetle. It was very cool looking, but not usable for anything but a planter. He’s friends with just about everyone in town and called upon a local welder, you can see where this is going. With Rick’s guidance (and money) this welder put together what you see before you. One large badass smoker (see below), efficient too. I believe it uses about 6 lbs of fuel to cook 15 slabs of pork ribs over 5 hours, that’s good.
I know over two days last week he smoked 31 slabs of pork ribs, numerous chickens and all were PRESOLD. He promises me this won’t be the norm.
Today I was at work attempting to, well, work. My wife calls me and insists that I come see Rick’s new smoker. I inform her that I’ve already seen it and will surely be doing up a post with it in the future. No, she says, come down NOW. It’s smoking NOW. Off I flew and made it there in maybe 4 minutes.

Inside this smoker right now are … 32 chicken halves, 10 pounds of pork sirloin and a slab of pork ribs. Get this, the chickens he stewed in a brine consisting of Cherries, apples & brown sugar. THEY ARE SUPERB.
Listen up folks, only 14 of those chicken halves are spoken for. If you’re looking for an easy meal tonight go see Rick, he has what you need. If not today, then give him a call to find out what the schedule for next week and what’s on the menu.
Rick’s Quality Meats
1600 Liberty Street
El Cerrito, CA 94530

5 thoughts on “MEAT ALERT !!! smoked brined chickens

  1. thanks for the alert! quick like bunnies, we called and reserved two birds for our own. if all goes well, we’ll dine in fine style tonight. yay for smoked meat! yay!

  2. YAY Erin!! It’s good to hear from you. I think you and Z will really really love those chickies. The brine and the fine smoking action are really impressive.
    If you don’t mind making the trip to see Rick, next time ask for a few of his mild and/or hot Italian sausages. He makes them himself and they are equally as nice. Personally I go for the hot italians, not so much cause they’re hot, but the flavors he has going on in there. Tons of red wine! Very nice. Plus his Italian sausages really stand up to smoking or grilling, even pan frying fer breakfast or pasta. A very stable well done product.

  3. howdy!! yup, we sure did (the whole el rancho family). the smoke flavor was unbelievable! yum. thanks for the snausage tip, we’ll be sure to check it out. i heard that people were trying to bribe rick for our birds, but luckily he kept ours safe! (i’m a super fan of meathendge btw. I never miss a post.)

  4. Hey Erin,
    Thanks for stopping by, that’s neat.
    We had our chickens (been in the fridge stinkin’ up the place) last night for dinner. Man they were nice. Smokey sweetness. Yum.

  5. I am on my in-laws computer. We have 400 plus pounds of charcoal. We just cooked a couple of Rib-Eye steaks on Maplewood Charcoal. The BOMB!!!