Hoffman Farms & Fatted Calf come together!

I found out first thing yesterday about Saturday’s special. I had to call J. Lee first thing, hands shaking. Fatted Calf’s special this week are Hoffman Farms naturally raised quail, stuff with lemon zested savory sausage AND a fig !!!
Man, I was SURE the Arista roast from last Saturday was the pinicle, the piece of resistence. From where I sit, this meat slinging rolly coaster is still going up, up and up. Up. I need another slab of pancetta, but how do you think I can remember to even SAY pancetta with those stuffed quails waiting for me? I’ll have to stencil PANCETTA TOO PLEASE on my forehead, that is the only way I’ll walk home with what I need on Saturday morning. This is too cool.
See you there!

Remember when you were a kid and certain kid-oriented foodstuffs came with a free prize? Crackerjacks, Count Chocula, Easter eggs? What is more fun than finding something wonderful inside of something you were real excited about in the first place? If you’re like us grownups at Fatted Calf, those free prizes are a little scarcer than you’d like, and going back to Count Chocula doesn’t quite seem the solution. The grownup version of a free prize, one could say, is Stuffing. Something good stuffed with something else good is a time-honored tradition among the worlds’ finest cooks, a club we already know Taylor and Toponia have charter memberships to. Your mind is racing now, isn’t it? “What could they have possibly done”, you’re thinking. “Could they be so crazy as to stuff some incredible Fatted Calf product inside another incredible Fatted Calf product? Has the whole world gone (incredibly, deliciously) topsy-turvy?” Well yeah, sor ta. T&T have called in for reinforcements, though, and gotten their stuff-ee on the Outside. Hoffman Farms is helping out in a big way, by providing the stuff to be stuffed, namely their incredible, naturally raised quail. Boneless they will be, stuffed with a savory sausage mixture that has been seasoned with lemon zest and herbs, and, get this, THE STUFFING WILL BE STUFFED WITH A WHOLE, FRESH FIG. Yup, jammed right in the middle of the sausage. The prize has a prize inside. You’ll have to excuse us, we feel a bit faint.
We’re also gonna have wieners. Yay.
Fresh Sausage
Pork Crepinettes with Bay,Orange & Pimenton
Fatted Calf Rosso
Sweet Italian
Hot Italian
Mexican Style Chorizo
Loose Sausage /Breakfast Sausage
Stocks & Sauces
Duck Demiglace
Glace de Viande
Sugo di Carne
Cured Meats & Salami
Spanish Style Chorizo
Guanciale Amatriciana
Ham Hocks
Hoffman Quail stuffed with Fresh Fig & Savory Pork Sausage

One thought on “Hoffman Farms & Fatted Calf come together!

  1. uhhhh . . . time to wipe the drool off of your keyboard good Dr.! You are truly moved by this wordly event of “stuffing” ~ You Go Man!!!
    Big D!