New Container for Sugo!

MeatHenge Mini-Entry
Not this last Saturday, but the one before the Fatted Calf decided to change the container the Sugo Di Carne came in. I thought the previous container was fine, but I understand the motivation. Taylor didn’t like the plasticky container, seemed cheap and all … well, plasticky.

If you haven’t tried the Sugo yet, make an effort to give it a shot. It’s a real basic yet perfect meat sauce, a blend of both pork & beef. The beauty of it is that all you need to do is warm it up and dump over pasta. Sure you can add ‘maters, basil and stuff, but you don’t gotta. I try to keep one on hand at all times now.
Back to the container, personally I like it just fine. It’s always nice to have a clean Ball canning jar on hand after the Sugo vacates. Can I return it Taylor? For a refill?
Unfortunately, I believe the Ease-Of-Use has declined by about 34%.
With the previous container it went from the freezer and squooge into a sauce pan (Sugo comes frozen). Lightly warm and add tomotoes, 20 minutes=ready.
With the new container I have to defrost it before hand, which means I have to eat it within a few days. Not earth shattering, but something one needs to know. These are the things I care about, notice and take note. Whether you care or not, I’m here for you.
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2 thoughts on “New Container for Sugo!

  1. Hmm.. I wonder if Taylor would consider smaller glass jars? The white, translucent kind, the ones like what good marmalade comes in.