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Hey Everbody! Just wanted to take a moment out and take a breather and talk about a few things. The conversation has come up a few times over the years and I can understand why. I’d just like to set the record straight, lay it down as it were. I am not, nor have I ever been on the payroll of the Fatted Calf (I’d be honored if I was, that’s for sure). Not only that, I’ve never made one dime in any shape or form from any food related job or item. I’m just overly enthusiastic and really enjoy what I’m doing here and in my kitchen. While I do buy and get cool food related products given to me, only the best make to Meathenge directly. I’m just a dumb hillbilly with a meat riddled mind having fun from time to time, nothing more. That being said, when the Fatted Calf’s newsletter rolled in yesterday, and I (and Abram) saw the Hoffman Farm Quail stuffed with Black Truffle Sausage, it was love at first imginary bite. I’d love to say I’ll get a few quails, but I dunno. I’m still chewing down my meat from last weekend!
The holidays are afoot and FC’s menu shows it, please read on to Kim O’Neill’s Fatted Calf Newsletter.

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Giving can feel pretty good. Not the kind of giving that requires desperately searching through the maze of an overheated department store, dodging frighteningly friendly sales people and having your nostrils assaulted by a barrage of fragrance. That’s the holiday nightmare I’ve sworn to never participate in again.
These days, partly out of necessity but mostly because we love and believe in it, we do our holiday shopping at the Farmers Market. There is a gift for everyone on our list: gorgeous preserves from Loulou’s Garden, freshly roasted Blue Bottle Coffee, Rancho Gordo’s beans, posole & chiles for wonderful winter stew makings and for the gourmand who’s tasted everything, apple balsamic from Bates & Schmitt. Of course we also tuck a few of our own Saucisson Sec and Chorizo into the box before sending it across the country to bring joy and deliciousness to those poor unfortunate places that don’t have a year round farmers market.
And if there is anything leftover this year when all the names have been crossed off your list we hope you will consider giving some of your surplus to those in need of more than just a fabulous farmers market. The delightful food blog, Becks & Posh, has joined forces with other food bloggers all over the globe to try and make a small difference in the world by raising money for Unicef. Give a little, maybe win a really sweet prize and feel good.
Visit Becks & Posh at http://becksposhnosh.blogspot.com/2005/12/ferry-building-bonanza-menu-for-hope-2.html
Saturday, December 17 Truffles, Trumpets and Other Tasty Treats
Hoffman Farm Quail stuffed with Black Truffle Sausage
Petit Jambon little cold smoked hams (11/2 to 3 lbs)
Pork Loin Stuffed with Chard, Lemon, & Walnuts (2lbs and larger)
Pork Crepinettes with Black Trumpet Mushrooms
Liberty Duck Sausage with Kirsch
Boudin Blanc with Chestnuts
Sweet Italian
Mexican Style Chorizo
Breakfast Sausage
Basque Links
Pates, Confits & Terrines
Pate Maison
Duck Liver Mousse
Rabbit Pate
Pork Cheek Terrine
Truffled Guinea Hen Rillettes
Duck Confit
Duck Rillettes
Pork Rillettes
Pork Confit Terrine
Duck Confit Terrine
Cured Spiced Foie Gras (available in San Francisco Only)
Petit Sec Aux Herbes
Saucisson Sec
Spanish Style Chorizo
Other Meaty Goods
Duck Demi
Glace de Viande
Sugo di Carne
Smoked Ham Hocks

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