Fatted Calf Newsletter (with rambling from Biggles)- Little Lamb Leg Roasts stuffed with Olive Tapenade

Actual Heritage Pork Loin stuffed with chard & walnuts from last week’s market.

Ya know, after last week’s market and dropping a healthy bankroll at Fatted Calf, I figured maybe this week go light. A petite sec and crepinette, that’ll do me.
I may not make it. FC’s stuffed lamb legs are one of my many guilty pleasures. Why? Because years ago I lost the taste for lamb. Just wasn’t doing it for me, gack. Too much gam and too much gam fat, that’s a no can do, sir.
Turns out I wasn’t savvy and didn’t get really fresh fancy lamb.
This week’s stuffed lamb leg has Biggles stamped all over the damned thing. I can hardly wait.
If you feel the need to lay down some crepinettes? This week is the Pork Crepinettes with Orange, Pimenton, and Currants. Let me check, pork, orange, pimenton, currants. Nope, nothing I don’t like there, all perfectly fine.
OoOOoO, I just got the tickle for something smooth and tasty. I haven’t had their Mortadella in quite some time, maybe it’s time to have another look.
Speaking of having another look. A few weeks ago I bought a little loaf of the Guinea Hen Pate. One of my favorites next to the duck & rabbit, heh. I remember over a year ago Taylor was perfecting the recipe and it was still in process. A while later he handed me a portion and smiled & said, “This time, I nailed it.” I figured, “Well, consider it nailed and done.”
Nope, here we are a year later and the darned recipe is still moving along. I don’t know enough about the specifics of pate, but this was certainly not the stuff I’d had even 4 months ago. This right here is Meat Innovation and it’s happening in your back yard. So, if you’re smart you’ll come back to your old favorites at Fatted Calf and see how things are going from time to time. I know I do.
Please read on to their newsletter and I’ll be seeing you at the market this coming Saturday.
ps – Remember, if you’d like to make sure you get what you need, please place your order.

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At the Fatted Calf we not only prepare good eats to bring to the farmers market but we also work closely with many Bay Area restaurants to provide them with unique and delicious hand crafted charcuterie. Occasionally we visit these restaurants to do a little “research”.
Last month’s “research” included a trip to Aziza in San Francisco where a spicier version of Fatted Calf Merguez is served up either with a tangy yogurt sauce or in a steaming pot of cous cous in a suitable Moroccan setting. When visiting the Ferry Building we always stop by Out the Door where Fatted Calf Pate is tucked into the tasty roast pork sandwich. On our way back to Oakland we might stop off for a post work pint of Belgian brew at Luka’s Tap Room where chef Jake Alioto is taking Fatted Calf Boudin Blanc to new heights of richness alongside some spaetzle. And at least once a week we check up on things at Gioia Pizzeria where Fatted Calf Pancetta and radicchio top our favorite pie.
Too much “research” can be exhausting and filling. On the weekends, we try to put down our work, load up on farm fresh treats at the market and dine in. As much as we love eating out, the most satisfying meals are served at home. A little lamb roast anyone?
See you at the market!
Saturday, March 18
Little Lamb Leg Roasts stuffed with Olive Tapenade
Pork Crepinettes with Orange, Pimenton, and Currants
Rabbit Boudin
Sweet Italian
Breakfast Sausage
Pates, Confits & Terrines
Duck Pate
Rabbit Pate
Guinea Hen Terrine
Duck Liver Mousse
Duck Confit
Duck Rillettes
Pork Rillettes
Petit Sec Aux Herbes
Spanish Style Chorizo
Other Meaty Goods
Smoked Ham Shanks
Duck Demi
Glace de Viande
Sugo di Carne

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  1. Hey Lady,
    Next time you’re up and have time for lunch, let me know. We could pick up a roast and some sausages, bring them back to the Labs here and EAT.