Dave makes and eats, The Luther

I have a friend, his name is Dave. Dave lives in Sacramento. Dave rides motorcycles. Dave does all kinds of fun things. Dave and I met probably 7 or 8 years ago and he’s always followed a path seldom traveled by anyone I know or have heard of. Played in a punk rock star trek band wearing a Mugato suit? Dave has done it. Ride a motorcycle riding said suit? Yup. Pissed off an entire house of women by reving the piss out of a 1964 Dart with a race motor? Dave has done it. Circumnavigate Australia on a leaky 40 year old Italian motorcycle by himself? Dave has done it. Crash the Oscars and get his picture taken with Keanu Reeves in the foreground? Dave has done that too.
Now Dave has another feather in his hat. I triple-dog dare you to read further.

Dave sent me these images a few days ago. I’ve been in shock since. Sure we’ve all heard about The Luther, but I’ve never known anyone personally that’s done it. And brother, or sister, Dave has done it twice. The first time he fried the donut in bacon fat. Second time they grilled the burgers and it was far superior. Oh joy.

So, Dave? How does it taste?

I’m going to say this was a two thumbs up for sure. I mean, look at Dave’s face? How could this possibly be wrong?

5 thoughts on “Dave makes and eats, The Luther

  1. Ooo-wee. That was too much fun for a mere 15 minutes.
    (And if anyone is reading the comments at Dave’s Oscar-crashing post, Sandra Bullock does NOT HAVE cleavage. Look at that odd bodice on her dress. Plenny of room in there for stuffing folding money, however.)
    BTW, I’d never heard of a Luther, so I was double de-flowered today.
    I’m OK.

  2. Hey William,
    I’d ask the same thing but Dave made them TWICE. That counts for more than double the sanity points.