What’s in the smoker right now – Stuffed Lamb Leg

Ah, what’s in the smoker right now? A 7 pound lamb leg. Bone removed and butterflyed open. Stuffed with extra virgin, s&p, fresh cilantro, toasted corriander & cumin seeds, special spices (curry like), fresh crushed garlic and lemon zest. Reinstall bone, tie up roast and put way down in the smoker for hours.
This is what it looks like right now. As it happens. You’re seeing it. No lie.

7 thoughts on “What’s in the smoker right now – Stuffed Lamb Leg

  1. I got Baby Backs and Onions tonight. A’s gane tomorrow. Chicken wings with my signature Chipotle honey sause,for tailgate.

  2. Um, noob question…
    Why return the bone to the roast? I’m assuming the presence of the bone adds some kind of flavor to the finished roast.
    As for me, my family and I just polished off 4 whole chickens – 2 smoked and 2 beer can up the derrier. Delish…

  3. Hey Everyone,
    Man, the lamb came out fricken great. So did the tri-tip, it was equally as good.
    As far as putting the bone back in? I ain’t no scientist, but the bones have good things in them. Flavors, meat jelly and it helps transfer heat to the center of the roast. A roast without bones is a sad thing indeed.

  4. Enough can’t be said about the power of the bone. Anything that has its own utensil (marrow spoon) just has to be worthwhile. Arguably, a decent stock can’t be made without bones. Well done on the lamb roast my friend. Well done.