Lenspen – superior new cleaning system for your camera’s glass

I was perusing the net a few weeks ago and ran across a mention of Lenspen. I’ve had problems cleaning pork fat off my camera lenses for the last however many years and decided to give it a try. Jeez, it was only 15 bux, what the hell?

I’ve been cleaning camera glass for many moons, the arc of the sun tells me so. Back then we had some lens cleaning solution and some waify cleaning papers. These worked okay, but it was a lot like putting an edge on your chefs knife. It took time and skill to get a good shiny lens again. You had to get the dust off and start with a few wet papers. After you were done wiping, polishing and nitpicking, you were sitting surrounded by these little crinkled papers and usually crosseyed. See, it’s easy to get the center clean and polished, but the edges of the glass usually took some extra effort. I’ve been lucky over the years and never put “cleaning marks” (scratches) on any of my glass. But if you’ve spent any time on ebay reading descriptions, many met this fate.
Not too many years ago my local camera shop sold me this new cloth “everyone” was using. You didn’t need a cleaning solution, just wipe and go! Yeah well, it didn’t work so well with bacon schpreckles and chicken flippin’s. It wasn’t the fault of the cloth or technology, just wasn’t able to do what I needed it to. So, I went back to the liquid solution and little papers.
Until today that is. I ordered and paid for my own Lenspen and it arrived the other day. Within about 8 minutes I had 3 lenses clean and sparkling, both front and rear elements. It looks as though the glass is brand new. My fanger prints are gone, the bacon fat is gone, the pork chop juice has disappeared and the chicken fat has taken flight. No shit. I wish my other lenses needed cleaning, this is kinda fun.
Here, checkit:

Here’s my 60mm micro lens. It’s been, hands down, the most difficult lens to clean (front element). Why? Because the lens is recessed way down there, see? And I gave up years ago attempting to make sure the edges of the glass are smudge free. The s.o.b. was sparkling clean in less than a minute. Next !!!

Here’s the 28mm rig. This lens has a wide, sweeping front element and gets a lot of grease and dust. I know some of you are screaming at me, “Biggles, get a filter to protect that lens!” No, absolutely not. Nikon designed that lens just the way it is and putting a cheapass UV filter on any lens is a crime against nature. I use a screw in metal lens hood to protect the lens, looks cool too. Don’t use those filters unless you need them. This lens was cleaned and ready for action in less than a minute. A warm puff of breath to loosen the fat and a calming circular motion and we’re done.
Do you need a lens cleaning solution like this? Yes, you do. Do you want a lens cleaning solution such as this? Yes, you do. It’s only 15 bux and keeps your expensive optics clean and clear. Plus the opposite end of the pen has a nice retractable brush. It’s a total package solution.
This product is Meathenge Labs approved and ready for use today. Please go order yours, you won’t be sorry.
To order call 1-877-608-0868
They’re in Canada, eh. Beauty.

5 thoughts on “Lenspen – superior new cleaning system for your camera’s glass

  1. Dear Dr. Biggles,
    This is a first!! I’ve never read of “bacon fat” in such a manner here at Meathenge. Where is the LOVE!!?
    No reference to the lingering effects of having shot a slab of belly fat bacon sizzeled to perfection a few days before and being reminded of it when the essence of bacon is smelt from your lens on a warm day while taking images of something like ~ a flower!
    While making sure your gear is clean . . . I miss the love that has always been used (in the past!) to pork fat!
    Big D

  2. “I’ve had problems cleaning pork fat off my camera lenses for the last however many years and decided to give it a try.”
    Funniest line I’ve read in 2006. Hands down.