World Carrot Museum – Discover the Power of Carrots!

There’s an aspect to blogging that authors get to enjoy, while readers most certainly miss out on. As a reader of a blog, you probably have your RSS thingy all set up and know when a new post has rolled in, off you go. But what about those posts in the past? The ones I did over 3 years ago, what about those?
“Why do I care Biggles? I read them already.”
Yes, maybe you did. However, months and years later the comments are still rolling in. There are a small handful of posts here that get fresh comments weekly, years later. My point is, I recently received a comment from nearly the first post I did here, it’s about carrots. This guy John stops by and says the carrots get wiggly cause they took on moisture. Fair enough, but his web site lists a carrot museum?
I just HAD to go see this, this, this, Carrot Museeeeyum.
I’m not going to go on about it, suffice it to say this is very well written and researched web site. As meat minded as I am, I do enjoy carrots. They’re wonderful in a slow simmered pot roast and invigorating juiced up on a Sunday morning. Go have a gander, it’s worth your time.
World Carrot Museum
ps –

Tybo says, “Ahhhh, moisture moisture moisture !!!”

10 thoughts on “World Carrot Museum – Discover the Power of Carrots!

  1. I get the same thing here. I get an email and aske myself what the heck they taling about?? I then spend an hour trying to find out where they commented.

  2. Carrot history would be lost to the ages if it weren’t for a virtual carrot museum. And that would be tragic. We even eat them here in the other Richmond.

  3. I am going to have nightmares tonight. I cannot look at carrots and not shudder. Ever since I saw the “Lost in Space” Episode,”The Great Vegetable Rebellion” I have a reacurring nightmare that Tybo the Carrot Man wants to turn me into a stalk of celery. “I Need Moisture”