Meathege hits print !!! It’s the Pacific Sun this time, yay!

A week ago Pat Fusco, a dining buddy and internet cohort, emailed me asking to use my mackNcheese photograph for an upcoming article she was preparing. I said, “Well, okay.”
It was then she mentioned hesitantly that the article was about funerals and was that still okay?
Okay, let’s see if I got this right. We get to combine Food, Photography & Graveyards? How could this possibly not be the most fantastic thing ever ?!? I felt as though I was walking 3 feet … under the ground.
Enough, let’s get to the goodies. Here’s Pacific Sun’s website. Here’s the article without the pretty image I did. And bless the Powers that Be, they put the paper in PDF format. It may take a few minutes to download, then scroll down until you see the macky cheese picture and the title of Food & Drink. Bask in my awesomeness. Oh, and a hearty cheers to Pat for thinking of Biggles in her time of need!

6 thoughts on “Meathege hits print !!! It’s the Pacific Sun this time, yay!

  1. Biggs, you Rascal, you! See?! Your Mak-N-tsheez Super Dish has made the Big TYME!
    And yeah, Mak-N-tsheez is the best kind of funeral fare, ’cause it IS! It is heart warming, gut filling and brings up memories of cozy kitchens, smiling little kids, tail wagging dogs and purring cats!
    CONGRATS! Well Done!

  2. Biggy fresh –
    I never figured you as a Goth. What next? Clove cigarettes, ripped fishnet glove-stockings, and Bauhaus on your iPod?

  3. Hey Kevin,
    Funny you mention Goth, I was going to squeeze that in. Decided not to for whatever reason.
    Meathenge and goth, ahhahahhaha.