Who are you? Dear Readers, stop by and comment. Who are you?

Here I find my conscious choice each day. Which feeds the soul?
“A view out muh bedroom winder”

I read the news today oh, boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well, i just had to laugh
I saw the photograph
He blew his mind out in a car
He didn’t notice that the lights had changed
A crowd of people stood and stared
They’d seen his face before
Nobody was really sure if he was from the house of lords
I saw a film today oh, boy
The english army had just won the war
A crowd of people turned away
But i just had to look
Having read the book
I love to turn you on.
Woke up, got out of bed
Dragged a comb across my head
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup
And looking up, i noticed i was late
Found my coat and grabbed my hat
Made the bus in seconds flat
Found my way upstairs and had a smoke
Somebody spoke and i went into a dream
I read the news today oh, boy
Four thousand holes in blackburn, lancashire
And though the holes were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the albert hall
I’d love to turn you on


27 thoughts on “Who are you? Dear Readers, stop by and comment. Who are you?

  1. Thank you for asking! I’m a guy who’s eaten your food (but I don’t think I have in the last 10 years) and loves old cars and motorcyles, with a soft spot for old Mopar. I’m one of the ones you’d send pictures of meat to — in the pre-Meathenge days — and I’d forward them to people at my work. I bought a motorcycle through your work buddy, and you found me some American ex-pats to visit when I was in Christchurch.

  2. My name is Chilebrown {aka: Paul Brown,”Mad Meat Genius !” (thanks Cookiecrumb)}, I am an educated Truck Driver. I am into Smoking,Barbequing,Curing and all things involved with Meat. My wife, Ms. Goofy (Peggy) and I live in the Bay Area with our two golden retrievers Oscar and Mojo.
    Enough with the resume! After reading Meathenge and actually meeting the infamous Dr. Biggles, We have been inspired by your verse and your friendship. Peace, Paul

  3. I’m just a girl who reads a bunch of foodblogs and gives the good recipes to her boyfriend to make for dinner. And I also love meat, particularly bacon. Your milk porkchop recipe is on our list to try soon!

  4. i found you through either sfist or another food blog long ago. i live in petaluma, and my girlfriend and i, we read you up for suggestions on where to go for fancy meats when we’re in your area. i used to be vegetarian, cooking vegan once a week for food not bombs, now i love me some meats. during the summer, it was a tritip a week for experimenting, now, during the winter, i’ve shifted to a pot of chili for my weekly gastro-tainment.
    mark your calendar, the great petaluma chili cookoff is coming april 29th.

  5. Hey,
    Yeah! It’s great to see those of you who don’t normally comment and what you’re up to.
    What’s everyone having for dinner tonight?
    I’m firing up the grill and going to make it smell like a spring time get together!

  6. Meat chases me. I keep saying I don’t eat much meat, but it keeps finding me. Now I want to eat a rabbit and then some goat, and there’s a boudin noir in the freezer and some of Paul Bertolli’s Toscana salami in the fridge. I asked one of my butchers yesterday for pig ears. No can do, he sez, though he did pull a 500-pound batchelor party prank once of said piggie appurtenances.
    Today I’m making broccoli-tofu soup.

  7. I read your blog because it’s funny as hell, and because I’m hoping that some day you’re going to offer barbecuing and/or smoking classes and I can be the first to sign up. I’m a born-again carnivore who’s a big newbie on the whole meat-cooking thing, and looking for all the help I can get.
    Plus Cookiecrumb says you’re nice, even if you do think food politics (my thing) are irrelevant.

  8. Hey Dairy Queen,
    Whadday mean food politics are irrelevant!?!
    I didn’t say that did I? I mean, that sounds like me and all. No, I couldn’t have.
    Grilling/Smoking/Meating Class starts today! I invited Tea over to show her a few ropes.
    When should we have the next one?

  9. Started smoking in Berkeley in ’63. Er, ah … now smoke meat in the Sierra Foothills including my own lamb hams while training horses. Presently, air curing my first pancetta after brining (much garlic, bay, thyme, etc. – post-brining tasting: absolutely marvelous!), but I wonder how to smoke it – before/after? brining/air curing? hot/cold? how long? Obscure references in my old Italian cookbooks mention that it is (was?) done in northern Italy, but I can’t chase down any “How To’s. Anyone got a take?

  10. Nice meeting you yesterday Biggles, my bro’ is delivering REAL bay leaves (clipped from the tree as I write this) to my home tonight. I’ll start drying them on the counter and write you…..
    Oh, and you asked us to say something about ourselves: I’m a deranged sourdough freak, who at the tender age of ten beat Michael Chang (yeah, that guy who won the French Open in his teens) during my first tennis tournament in Stockton (1982, and for those who care 6-0, 6-0). With success under the belt, I took up cooking, but haven’t won a damn thing since.
    We’re grilling some salmon over mesquite, with a ton of steamed carrots and maybe a warm bacon salad.
    ps: so was that Tea you were talking about yesterday?

  11. I’m a food blogger and I cook a lot of meat. In the past month its been braised pork cheeks, puerco pibil, braised Short Ribs, roasted chicken, and tonight it is braised beef. I buy direct from the farmers here in Wisconsin. We used to live in the Bay Area (The City and then Antioch) but I must confess that the food is better here in Wisconsin and not so difficult to get to. I’m always looking for new ideas so that is where the Biggles comes in.

  12. I ran a search on The Hacienda, a restaurant located here in the City of Pride and Purpose, and founs your blog. I don’t eat much meat, so reading Meathenge is sometimes like an anthropological expedition in blog form for me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hacienda went to the big refrito-encusted kitchen mitt in the sky, no? I hoped to finally visit the bar this evening and mrguy shook the doors and found nobody there… but your description makes me feel like I got there anyway.

  13. I keep a wine blog and stumbled across your meaty goodness a few months ago. I mostly grill my meats on an oakwood fire Santa Maria style, myself, but it’s cool to see how other folks do it.

  14. Hello, I stop by and lurk. I find your blog entertaining. I am on an award winning BBQ team called Four Q competing in the Southern California area. My specialty is pork butt. I blog about everything from my Ziggy (Yorkie) to decorated sugar cookies and of course BBQ.

  15. I found your blog while googling for chile verde; it was so great especially the idea of adding some smoked pork butt ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Have been reading you for some time now but never have posted. Enjoy your humor and meat mania.I’ve been grillin, smokin, and braisin beef, pork and chicken for awhile so I enjoy your take on these pursuits.I’ve been using a heavy duty backyard smoker / grill for about the last 10 yrs (1/4″ thick steel) and a Le enameled cast iron pot for braisin.May try your pork and milk braise.sounds great. Also enjoy a slow cooked pork green chile that I’ve been doing for years.Keep up the great work and I’ll be checkin in on you often.

  17. Ah yes – I’m a HUGE fan and have been for a long time – you were one of the inspirations for Digital Dish after all!
    Can’t remember how I found you but way back then there were very few food blogs.
    I’ve been cooking less and less meat – what with vegetarianism moving in to my house.
    Dinner last night was polenta cooked with goat cheese and parmesan, sauteed mixed greens and leeks, barely cooked buttered carrots and grilled lamb with a mustard blackcurrant sauce. For the vegetarian there were goat cheese stuffed portabello shrooms.
    But that was a fancy meal – tonight likely noodles and leftovers.

  18. big fan, spent time in berkeley at cal but hail from socal and presently in dc. love to eat, fool around in the kitchen, learn new techniques, etc. can’t wait for some summer barbeque…keep it up

  19. Longtime reader, second-time (third?) writer… I think I met you on FBS where you were most helpful about photography and I have a turkey in the oven, because I had a “spare” in the freezer.
    That picture reminds me of a place we looked at last time we were in the market for a house – had that sort of minibarn at the end of the pond. (I think it was a pumphouse.) Unfortunately, the rest of the place was a useless kludge, which the realtor called “eclectic”.
    So how many holes does it take to fill the cute lil minibarn?

  20. I always take great interest in this site. I work at the Georgia Archives as a historian and archivist. I have a deep interest in food culture and how it is changing in our county. I also take a keen interest in the various cooking methods; hearth, wood-stove, modern stove and of course -Grilling! I enjoy coming across information in our records here regardinging cooking and check this site every day to see what comes up and to check the site archives. I live in a house built in 1797. My kitchen was last updated in 1910 but of course I do have newer appliances. I have learned a good bit from this site and the people who write in. I appreciate the good recipes and information. Any plans for a book?? Keep up the great work.

  21. Hey Everyone,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s been great reading about you’all. The internet gets to big and scary sometimes. It’s nice to bring it back home once in a while. Sit down, relax and take a breather. Don’t you think?

  22. I’m a friend of yours from here and there. I like your blog and I like the way you write. I’m a pescevegetarian, but I think the pictures of meat you have on your site are really succulent.