Holding Pattern

Hi Everyone! I wanted to stop by and let you know everyone here at Meathenge Labs are doing okay, we’re not dead. I absolutely have no time for to give at the moment. Nor do I have any inspiration to offer up anything worth reading or viewing.
Please enjoy this scan of a slide my father recently found of me back in the late 1960’s. That’s an old Leica Rangefinder 35mm camera right there.
xo, Biggles

20 thoughts on “Holding Pattern

  1. Hey Cookie,
    Yup, blond. I’m full of surprises, huh?
    Hey Zak,
    Ah, ya never know when it’ll hit. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone.
    I was just over there, noticed that yumbo treat. Didn’t leave a comment cause I was on my way out of the ‘office’.
    Hey Scott,
    My father still does. That and a gaggle of other goodies. One of which being a 4×5 rig with a PC lens on it. I remember he’d send me in to the darkroom with stacks of film to load all the holders. But without a darkroom, those can be a waste. One really wants to be the master behind the print. I do have his hugeass enlarger, maybe some day?

  2. A Leica at such a young age. No wonder your camera skills are so good. The acorn doesn’t fall far the tree eh?

  3. Hi Everyone !!!
    Mrs. Guy,
    (That’s my first name, just so you know)
    Yup, still taking pictures. I found him last week in the back yard with his new digital SLR on a tripod with an old lens taking pictures of finches.

  4. My family also had a “brick” Leica. I was heartbroken that it was stolen when our house was robbed in 1980; I’d grown up with that camera.

  5. Wow, don’t try to listen to your husband and post at the same time.
    Meant to say my family also had a rangefinder camera, from the 50’s, though ours was an Argus brick, not a Leica. I was still heartbroken over the theft. We had the leather case and instruction booklet after 25 years (and it still worked).

  6. Hey Carol,
    Those cameras were made so well, the Argus and Leicas. The Leicas were hand made with hand ground glass, dialed to perfection. MmmmMmMmMm.

  7. That is a great photo. When I was young, we used to paint pictures of mastadons on the cave wall.
    Mmmmmm, mastadons!

  8. Oh that is priceless. To think my favorite meat master was once a wee young innocent (blond!) thing.
    Well, innocent expect for the cannabis.

  9. Tana,
    I wonder if Mastadons are mostly dark or light meat?
    I’m a bad boy alright. And the green is still in the same drawer. I’m really hooked, heh.

  10. You are like sooo dead dude. At least last time I checked.
    No, that’s right, that was somebody else. My bad.
    Oh, and mastodons are more dark meated. It’s the mammoths that run lighter.

  11. Aaron,
    Excellent. I used my 18% grey card to set my light meter to and off I went. (still use it)
    For color print film, the first shot was always a kodak color card. This way when those automatic color print machines scanned for WB or whatever, they got what they needed and the entire roll came out wonderful. Even for dump print film.