6 thoughts on “Ith Pretty

  1. Is rhis your own strawberry pot? There’s hardly anything better than picking a berry you planted (quick before the birds get it) and it’s warm from the sun. No matter how many you buy at the most fantastical farmers market, you know the difference.

  2. Oh criminy !!!
    Sam, I never thought to try it. I know that sounds dumb. Let me go check … holy crap. Excellent on the sweet, but not enough to overpower the tart of the berry. Nice texture, oh man. Plus since it’s so darned brisk outside, had a nice chill to it.
    Thanks for steering an old hillbilly to his crop. Sometimes we get lost. Please give the Big F a hug for me.
    xo, Biggles

  3. Hey man, when the light hits my screen just right, I’d say that one on the upper left is about 4 hours past that perfect and still-firm-ripe. You gotta cruise the berries a few times a day because depending on the weather, what seems like just a few hours can put one at just past perfect.
    Maybe I’m just trippin’ being holed up at home so much lately with the new monkey. He’s gettin’ more fluffy each day, speaking of berries…….

  4. Hey Monkey,
    You are most certainly correct, if not a day even. Remember who you’re dealing with. I have lemons on my tree that have been there for over 2 years. Lame, I know. Am attempting to do better. If it were a bacon tree? Well, you know how I’d tend to that one.
    Cool on the fluffy monkey and watch that hose, man! I used to be able to change a diaper at lightening speed. FAP !!! Done.