First Turning: Maters of 2007

We moved in January of 2000 and have been here ever since. That’s the most stable I’ve been since moving out in 1982 (gradiated high school). Watching a garden grow and change over the years hasn’t been in my reality and am now in awe every year. More so this year because I haven’t killed everything I planted. That and the sheer size of these ‘mater plants is insane!

I moved in Thom’s weber kettle just to give you an idea as how big these suckers are. There’s only 2 plants there and as you can see, if you look, are crawling below the grill! Measured them and we’re at 7 feet from side to side and approximately 5 feet tall. After spending about 43 minutes counting, on my hands and knees, we’ll have about 4213 tomatoes all ripe at once. That’s a lot just so you know, dang.
This is the first year they’ve been this huge and the first year I used chicken poop. All hail chicken poop!

7 thoughts on “First Turning: Maters of 2007

  1. I am really, really jealous since I planted late. But yesterday I had a big grin on my face when I found the first plant setting fruit. Time to side-dress the mamas. Thanks for sharing (or are you just boasting?)

  2. Those are some serious ‘mater plants! I’m impressed. Anything that tall in my garden has been sheared off by the deer by now. Enjoy your harvest!

  3. Chicken poop? Damn. I knew you could sling it, but actually use it for a good cause?
    I gots my first garden going to this year. I gots me a 10″ cucumber.
    And a bunch of little cherry tomatoes and some others. But nowhere near as much of you.

  4. If you run outta patience, I got a couple of good green tomato recipes. Yummy!