Meathenge Rules! – The Cutting Board

Awesome Z (my 12 year old boy) started middle school this year. Wahoo, for several reasons. I believe one of his favorite things is that he doesn’t spend the entire day of school in one classroom. Every hour or two he’s off to another class, neat eh? Yeah well, one of those classes is something called Woodshop. Yup, you know the one. Uh huh, you’re getting the idea now. One of his projects was to make a cutting board, a really nice one too. And as you can see, this woodshop is sportin’ some fancy ass … thing that allows one to put pretty letters in to wood. My chest is out at least 3′ feet today, am so proud.

18 thoughts on “Meathenge Rules! – The Cutting Board

  1. This installment is filled with the words and emotions of one proud PAPPA!!
    You’re doing great with your kiddo’s ~ congratulations!!
    Big D

  2. Awwwwwww………that is sooooo cool! You deserve to stick that chest out with evidence of cool-daddy-hood such as this. And that is great that you shared it with the other pops out there, who dream of the day something like this happens to them.
    Pssst: nice monkey!

  3. Very cool! That is the sweetest gift. Z, my compliments on your fantastic project and nice font.

  4. Hay,
    Ya know, I should have introduced the monkey as well. She’s new to the scene as of a week ago. Tiny E and I were shopping for school clothes and of course started out in the toy section. Target has the coolest set of bins filled with really great plastic animals. A handful of these bins all contained chimps! Sure she cost me a little over 3 bux, but that’s quality chimp action right there.

  5. Bless his heart — and you’re blessed. What a wonderful gift from Z. I am trying to imagine his explaining the inscription to his teacher.

  6. Hey Kudzu,
    I’ve actually met his teacher, he’s good. I do know that he made a killer stash box and his teacher wasn’t hip to the meathenge, at that time. I explained to Z that I was going to, someday, get Meathenge tatooed on my left forearm. It was after that the logo appeared on the cutting board.

  7. The very best gifts are handmade and done by progeny. Congratulations on the perfect gift for a meaty guy like you – and on having a great woodworker in the family!

  8. Holy cow, a 12-year-old made that? Color me impressed. My middle-schoole woodshop projects were nothing near that cool.

  9. Rev,
    That device is called a router, but it’s not like the one in the post office nor even the one somebody hooked up to your computer.
    Seriously though, that’s a gorgeous board. I’d be proud too.

  10. Awww, Sam. Sorry to hear that and then happy we could provide you with a smile! xo.
    Anita, yeah my projects looked like a half blind rapid beaver made them.
    Kevin, yeah router thingy. But much much more than just a router, much more.

  11. Hey, this is coming late due to the fact that I have the “community” virus going around at both K-5’s! Aren’t you the lucky papa! See? And all this time you thought Z was ignoring and avoiding you! What a sweet child and I know he inherited that sweetness from his papa! He showed you that he cares! Really Big Deal, Dude!