Poor little porky chops of love, or are they?

It was a sunny, yet brisk Thursday afternoon. We hadn’t had high roasted chicken in quite some time, my mind turned towards gravy. Chicken fat, translucent minced shallot, flour, broffs & a dollup of creme fraiche. Oh yeah baby, chicken and gravy for dinner!
After hairs cut, off to El Cerrito Natural for some Rocky Jr. feel good chicken bodies. Tiny E wanted to come in too, he’s a come-with kinda boy. At the meat counter he asked what was for dinner, roasted chicken of course. “Oh Papa, can’t we have delicious pork chops instead?” Even at $10.50 a pound, I conceded.
Tell me why my heart sank when I saw these chops in the butcher’s case?

16 thoughts on “Poor little porky chops of love, or are they?

  1. Chicken and Gravy for dinner brings back memories. We found a place in Oregon on our ‘Ultimate Meat Adventure’ called “Tad’s Chicken ‘n Dumplins” It was right on the Sandy River with a killer view. Of course we had the special. I did not make this up. http://www.tadschicdump.com/
    Peace, Paul

  2. I know how to keep a turkey in suspense. Tell ya later.
    (I wish I knew the proper foodie-meatie answer to your quiz, but I don’t. Were they turkey chops?)

  3. It’s a single chop, butterflied. No bone on the second chop! Am I right? Am I right? What do I win? That new Shelby Mustang GT? BC

  4. Hey All,
    As I was writing this, I was thinking to myself, “I hope Derrick passes this one by.”
    While they are a tad too thin, they cooked up just fine (bacon press on for even browning).
    They trimmed all the damned fat off the meaty sides! In fact, down towards the bone, it looks as though they probably trimmed off tiny pockets of meat as well, there should have been more. Damed butchers catering to the hippies that shop there. OoOoOoooOooo, Fat. That’s not good, that’s not right! We need low fat pork! Fnork you, leave my pork alone. Now, I’m not asking for a pork chop that looks like belly meat. But damn, that was too much.

  5. I came too late so you’d already posted the answer. They do look a little too thin but I shoulda known you’d object to less fat! 🙂

  6. Hey Zoom,
    The photograph could be misleading, they were nearly an inch thick, prolly closer to 3/4″. While they weren’t ideal, they were just fine at 1/2 pound each.