Oh, bacon fat, is there anything you can’t do?

Hi Everybody,
I’ve got a little tidbit here, filled with yummy tastes that I wanted to share with you.
Considering the crowd I hang with, this is pretty much heresy. But considering how busy and changing my daily life is, how much do you think my Care Level is? Yeah, like negative 90 million. Tiny E enjoys mixing powders with eggs, butter and whatever else. Putting them in to cups and cooking them is all that’s important. If I can shave 30 minutes off prep time for nap time? Count me in.
So, on a walk-by whim, I bought this:

I didn’t look at the instructions or ingredients, just bought. It was something to share with the little dude. Damn, I made a great choice.
After reading the instructions, I needed to add an egg, some milk and melted butter. To find a boxed mix that requires more than the addition of water really impresses me. Usually it’s water or an egg and that’s it. Yeah, so here is where it takes a turn for the better. They wanted two tablespoons of melted butter. Okay, so there’s the fat, the action, the delivery system for flavor. But what if I doubled that or more, and used bacon fat?
Holy crap! The package came alive! The crust of the muffins were crunchy, yet juicy, corny inners. And you know what? The sugar level was at the bottom, way down low. Sure there was some flour in there to make it cakey, but the sugar wasn’t there. Only 5 grams for 6 muffins, I was impressed. Very impressed, I would serve this to anyone I know with confidence. I would serve this to Shuna at any one of my gatherings, without qualms. I will buy this packaged product again, it’s Meathenge Approved.
Love you guys,
xo, Biggles

8 thoughts on “Oh, bacon fat, is there anything you can’t do?

  1. Hey Biggles!
    Dat Der mix has been used to make the last 4 cornbreads seen on my blog, too. Not that I have a prollem making my own from scratch, I just don’t have enough kitchen. Betty makes a good mix! I’ll remeber to use bacon grease next time, instead of the olive oil I’ve been susty-tutin’ for the butter.

  2. Mmm-err, I am pretty much of a cornbread purist but I so respect your reasons for using that mix. I tried to get my chillun to eat my heritage white cornmeal cornbread and they didn’t take to it a’tall. But then my son came home from a friend’s house (say, sixth grade) raving about his friend’s mom’s chili and cornbread and it turned out to be — a mix. I do admit to pulling out a box of Jiffy once in awhile, and I think next time I will add the bacon drippings to see what happens. Glad you found something so handy and appreciated. (Stirring story!)

  3. Double nuh-uh.
    Personally, I come from such a deprived background that I didn’t know that you could make cornmeal muffins out of anything but a box of Jiffy mix. Now? I have yellow cornmeal, white cornmeal AND four boxes of Jiffy (imported from USA) in my pantry.
    And oh, Dr. Sir, thanks for the juniper tip. Brining would explain it. I’ve been educating myself about brining these days, inexplicably drawn to any recipes involving a saline solution.

  4. This reminds me about something my husband said this weekend after breakfast. I’d made pancakes and bacon at the same time. And instead of using vegetable oil or Pam on the skillet, I just let the bacon grease slide over the entire thing before I put the pancakes down.

    I wondered if it would actually ruin the pancakes, creating too much of a bacony taste all over those those innocent pancakes. Apparently, I had no need for worry (and it now sounds silly after I’ve typed it out). He said they were the best pancakes he’d ever had! Crispy and flavorful in a whole different way.

    Sigh…So now I think I’ve unintentionally raised the bar on myself for Saturday mornings. Dangit. Only “bacon grease pancakes” will do! šŸ˜‰

    Erika K

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