Powell’s Sweet Shoppe – Lafayette California

Z had been asking to visit a new Candy Shop over the last week or so, being a parent my response was pretty negative. After maybe 3 days I decided to give in and have an adventure.

Yeah, I dunno, I’ve seen a lot and been through quite a bit and the thought of going through another damned candy store made me want to scream. But, because I love my boy, I gave it a shot.
Holy crap!
It’s clearly taking after Charlie and the Cholocate Factory fame, but they did it right. Sure it’s a franchise, but this fricken store is a candy store on steroids.
It’s all here, it’s worth any drive you need to make and it’s fun! The employees are right there for you, nothing is left out. Zeina Hissen has most certainly done her homework with this one and left us with a wonderful place to be.
If you’re smart, drive off the freeway, drive through town, come from over there and visit:
Powell’s Sweet Shoppe
3591 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Lafayette, CA 94549

11 thoughts on “Powell’s Sweet Shoppe – Lafayette California

  1. Ah, Powell’s! There’s one in Novato that I investigated just before Christmas and there were many, many things from my childhood (centuries ago). Does the one you visited have the cooler full of regional
    “soda pops” — including birch beer? I also found small toys that have been pretty much forgotten, including caps for cap pistols. Whooo-eee. Z is a lucky lad (as was my grandson who went with me in December). Great place for soaking up nostalgia.

  2. Man, I got no idea what all that stuff is in that store. I’m sure they have it all, but I was like a deer in headlights. Z found a puffy candy chicken leg for me, even had a plastic bone for a handle. Solid, puffy sugar, made my eyes spin!

  3. At the Novato one, they sell Fizzies! Anyone out there remember Fizzies? I used to love those as a child. I bought all the flavors to give them to my Fairy Godchildren. Irresistible!

  4. Also available via BART since it is about 100 yards from the Lafayette BART station.
    Also I can give you a btter reason to come to Lafayette – I really truly am going to be making that oven soon – you will be getting an invite to any and all of the three stages (2x building, 1xparty)

  5. How does that tune go?: “Sweets for my sweet and sugar for my honey…” What a stunner for the eyes is Powell’s! If you can get candy chicken legs there, maybe they also have “faux” pork jerky candy strips, just for “Bacon Man!”

  6. Hey Eric,
    YEAH !!! My 12 year old boy bought me the same. It was all, like sugar and made my head spin, but very cool. Plus, the plastic bone got a lot of use for laughs at work.

  7. Powell’s is the greatest. We have one in Willow Glen (an enclave in central San Jose populated mostly by yuppies and the elderly), which is a must-visit whenever we’re at Aqui’s across the street.
    They have *everything*. Mostly, I indulge sampling of odd candies that I remember, but never tried, from childhood like Clark bars, Idaho Spuds, and Cherry Mountains. They are quite expensive, but good gosh, they did all the hard work so they deserve it.
    The best part of the place is that they have Willy Wonka playing on a big screen in the back of the shop at *all times*, with real movie theater seats circa 1978 parked in front. My niece and I always sit and watch for at least 5-10 minutes per visit, as it is a moral imperative.
    I’ll typically drop $10-15 on a visit on candy.