Catahoula Coffee & Jazz – No really, they’ll be there this time!


But first, Meathenge news!
It looks as though my sister will have some time next week fo put some real design in to Meathenge and the corporate look will be a thing of the past. Her husband, Meathead, has put together a really cool mascot and that’s nearly done.
The picture of the bowls up above there are a few of the bauer ware pieces that my uncle gifted me over the last few weeks. Ain’t they pretty? Expose for the highlights baby, tastee.

Weeks ago I posted that there’d be live jazz at Catahoula Coffee Roasters in Richmond. I was wrong, it didn’t happen. But it does now!
This Saturday April 5, 2008 (10:30am to 12:30 noon) stop by for a cup of hula and enjoy a local Jazz Trio. John Bob and Playboys will be in attendance, fer sure.

7 thoughts on “Catahoula Coffee & Jazz – No really, they’ll be there this time!

  1. Leaving the world of scatalogical bacon —
    You are such a lucky man to have those beautiful Bauer bowls. I envy you!! Can’t wait to see photos when they’re filled with Biggles’s good food.

  2. I am eagerly anticipating the new look! Not that this one is bad you understand – but change is always interesting.

  3. Hi Everbody and Helen,
    While I did not attend the jazz party (the reason I was busy will show up in a few days ((Let’s just say, Crawfish Boil for All)), I know it did happen!
    Helen, my sister was kind enough to cool the lights on this one, it hurt too much. Good things are a commin’.
    xo, Biggles