Creepy E’s very own little kitchen

Here we find a little clearing on a pallet out in production, supplies & tools are kept handy. One never knows when that fancy load of product will need palletizin’. Actually, it’s a pretty handly little area near the roll-up door with bay air blowing through at a very fresh rate.
A little over a week ago, Creepy E shows up with a few appliances from his mum’s garage. One of which is this little chromium, oven thingy. It’s not a toaster, no live coils to heat. It’s pretty cool actually, gots this slide-out tray that holds things to be baked. Wanna see what he cooks in his very own little oven?

Yeah! Bacon !!! And since it’s little, you get wafts of bacon fumes for quite some time, maybe 45 minutes +. Personally, I think it’s pretty darned cool to send wafts of thine swine to your employees, then feed.
Cheers to you and yours, may your days be filled with such loverly smells.
xo, Biggles

15 thoughts on “Creepy E’s very own little kitchen

  1. That’s cool! Is there a patent number on that thing? I’d love to know more about it. From the picture it looks like the world’s most beautiful chrome electric pencil sharpener.

  2. It’s a Knapp-Monarch Redi-Baker oven from the late 50’s – early 60’s. It was in my Grandma’s kitchen from then until the 80’s, when she got a microwave. It’s got the big, Big 5x9in pan and was (is) the perfect tool for those hot Okie summers, when you just gotta cook something, but you don’t want to fire up that big oven.
    I’m baking two Big potatoes right now, so if you’re hungry, meathead, I got a hot one for ya, but it’ll be gone in 15min!

  3. Ok. Always the skeptic, I went and got myself one for $2. Yeah, uh huh, you heard me. Two American dollars! First thing is, it’s on from the start. Plug it in, it’s on. Lights up, get’s hot. It’s on. While it’s very neat and contained, the inside has no exposed elements, it is by no means “cool”. By that I mean the external temperature of this mother gets to be 130 to 330deg.F. Ambient room heater, nice feature, no touching that hot surface. AND if you leave it sit on a laminated counter, you better have a sheet of mica or something, or the number of the fire dept. and your kitchen contractor handy. Hot bubbled cheap ass counter covering. Yes, it’s set your house on fire good.
    Did a great job heating up my brown and serve latkes and masala burger though.

  4. Hello, I just bought one of these little ovens at an Estate sale. Anyway I have been searching for the manual to this baby. Anyone have the manual that maybe could scan to me. I would sure appreciate it.
    Thanks, Faye

    • I just got on of these at a garage sale and it you still have the manual would like to have a copy. Thanks

  5. Hello ! Just got one myself on eBay for $10 +s/h. Lesa, I’d appreciate a manual, if you don’t mind ! Thanks !

  6. We bought won 3 years ago for 3.00. And, it is great. We camp all summer and I love it. They sure did make reliable, sturdy appliances back then. I love mine. But, I don’t have a manual either. Really don’t need one but, I would like to have one.

    • Hey Janet!

      Yeah, I don’t think you’re going to find one any time soon. It’s a little oven, plug it in and let it go. I believe there’s 2 ovens like that now, not used very often. xo, Biggles