Whoa there, it’s 94 in the shade buddy! What’s for din din?

Yeah, huh. Here in our part of the East Bay, the temperatures rarely go below 40 or above 75, it’s just that way. That isn’t to say we don’t get our heat waves, I remember it hovering over 104 a few times and surely in the 80s. But yesterday, and at least this today, it was 94 in the shade.
My favorite part was when Z came running in saying, “Papa !!! It’s 120 degrees outside!”
“Um, the sun was hitting that thermometer there sonny boy. Put it in the shade, ya foo.”
Well, when the temperatures are high, the house is stuffy what meal really hits the spot? No, not watermelon, salad or tofu. It’s that good ol’ roast turkey dinner. I fired up the gas oven for 3 hours and made us some juicy roast turkey, mashed taters & gravy! The plates were licked clean and that was pretty much that. And today for lunch, turkey sammiches!
xo, Biggles

9 thoughts on “Whoa there, it’s 94 in the shade buddy! What’s for din din?

  1. Hello,
    Great site! Hopefully I found the correct area to ask a stove question.
    Hubby and I purchased a 1958 Caloric Gas stove. We cook with propane so we bought specially made orifices and a new gas adjuster. Hooked everything up and lit all pilot lights – everything looked good. Except the pilot lights are way too high!! The stove has 4 burners, one griddle/5th burner and one oven. We found an adjustment screw on the pilot line for the 5th burner and were able to turn it way down. However we cannot find a way to adjust the other 4 burners and oven.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Its a beautiful stove and I can’t wait to cook a big meal.

  2. Good God, man, you’re mad! Last time I roasted turkey when it was that hot was a Thanksgiving in Georgia in the early 90’s, when my mother insisted on doing the whole trad dinner. My niece and I both kept running outside to fan ourselves before returning to the unairconditioned house to cook some more.
    But of course it’s wonderful food and those sammies are the best ever, aren’t they?

  3. Hi Everyone,
    Oh man. It’s Monday morning and am burping gravy, it’s delightful.
    Yes, and no. Yes this is Meathenge and no, this post is about roasting a turkey in 94 degree weather. The post about adjusting the flame height on old gas ranges is here:
    Hmm, well that’s to be expected since propane is stored at a higher pressure than natural gas. The conversion is supposed to be a lot easier than this, call your local gas company and have them come out. It’s usually for free, call now!

  4. At least you got some yummy food out of your oven – I made the mistake of deciding in the morning that it would be a good day to self-clean the oven! Yikes!

  5. You said you were making gravy and ya did. A man of his word. Double gravy for me. You even have some veg on the plate. Well done sir.4z9bjb

  6. I use to have something similar growing up in California…at the local bowling alley of course. Watsonville people love their turkey with mash…is there bread under the turkey?

  7. Zoomie,
    Dang, I’ll bet that hurt! You know, I hear tell that if you break the locking mechanism on your oven, you can use it as a pizza oven! High heat, don’t ya know.
    An easy promise to keep, fer sure.
    Naw, no bread here. Was too hungry to wait, needed that food IN.