Catahoula Coffee Company presents: Harry Gray

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Catahouligan Expresso – July 30, 2008
Greetings folks,
As usual, I’m in a manic rush to get this out to you. So please bear with me and forgive the typos. (The later it gets…the more grammatical ears!)
Please be kind enough to place the announcement of the music this Sunday on your neighborhood chat boards….N&E, RCH Heights (formerly know as “View”) and any others I may not know about as of yet. Thanks!
Music: Sunday August 3, 2008 – 10am to 12noon
Catahoula Coffee Company presents: Harry Gray
° Mr. Gray is back and looks to be a regular at Catahoula. Singer/ Solo Guitarist whose background ranges from teacher to musician….and back to being a teacher.
° Important to Note: Mr. Gray will do a “Puff the Magic Dragon” set (From 11am – 11:30am) for kids of all ages to sing along. Kids are encouraged to sit on the coffee bags surrounding Mr. Gray and sing along. (Adults too….if you dare!) Please note the “Puff” set is for kids….there will be no Hookah Pipes at Catahoula. (It’s not that kind of set mind you…..)
Blog me up Scotty:
° Check out: It’s Catahoula Coffee’s new blog site, eeeeer Web-bloggy thing. I truly hope it develops into an interactive site about not only Catahoula and its coffee but for the pulse of the community. (OK…It really only about the Coffee!!) is a wonderful tool to present info to you as well as invite you to add your thoughts and opinions too.
° As you can see, I have just started the blog and I really don’t know how to properly set it up. There’s a few pounds of fresh roasted coffee for anyone brave enough to help me out. I would like a separate section, other than the main blog page for any new news of coffee, its availability (or lack of), what was roasted or new coffees being delivered.
° Check it out… I hope it works….Sometimes I hate this Internet thing!!! You can (I believe?) submit pics, articles and especially opinions to the site.
° Ethiopian Harar “Horse” DP: **** Limited Micro Roast **** I took this coffee abit darker. A previous roast was lighter, thus much more “Wine-y” with a very full “Fruit-al” cup. Taking the bean darker has soothed the front end (you get the hint of blueberry rather a full frontal snap) and the middle and finish is full, dark and chocolately. It pulls incredible as espresso. $12/pound. Batch is Limited. (Order Now: Ship on Monday)
In Review: The “Horse” is a very primitive coffee. This is a “Dry” processed coffee, hence the “DP”. Majority of coffees around the world are processed (“Milled”) with what would be best described as a “Lap Pool.” Nothing wrong with this method, but “Dry” processed coffee is Old School. Beans are picked, placed on raised African beds to dry and then HAND sorted. (Yeah, I am pulling sticks out of the cooling tray). Yep, you can’t get more Old School than that. However, method helps produce a fabulous unique coffee
° Kenya Peaberry: Look for this coffee to take PNG’s place in the line up for a while in the near future. Though PNG is a fantastic coffee, it is getting crowded out by the Yemen’s, Mocca-Java’s and especially the Monsoons.
Speaking of which……..
° Monsoon: (Indian Arabica): Yikes. Much like an Ed Wood movie….this coffee has developed an active and, I do say, devoted following. We have even served it as drip to the delight of those who need the extra kick in the morning.
° Butkus Blend:
OOOOOH Yeah…….:
° Aero-Press: Rocks!!! If you haven’t tried it….get on in here and blop down two bucks for delicious cup of hula.
Special: Aero-Press – $30.00 (Get a ½lb of coffee free to start you off)
° POS System: I Promise I am working on it….Catahoula Coffee will take Credit/Debit Cards Soon!!!
Thank you for your support!
take care, timber
Catahoula Coffee
12472 San Pablo Avenue
Richmond, CA 94805
(510) 235-0525

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