Monday Evening, an easy grilled dinner.

Grilled hard over maple charcoal, logs of cherry fer flavors. Set to the side until 127 degrees F, rest and slice. We did have sides, but who cares?
ps – add salt

10 thoughts on “Monday Evening, an easy grilled dinner.

  1. Sides????
    The only side this needs is a cold beer…..
    Makin my mouf water some seriously…

  2. Nummy! Two Q’d pork tenderloins at our house for din-din tonight; a smoked turkey breast last night. Leftover smoked turkey breast for dinner tomorrow night with a little homemade plum catsup.(An old family recipe)

  3. Looks like you cooked it perfectly – pink and juicy! (with a nice char)
    One question about the grain of the meat – it looks like the small triangular piece that is off to the right is cut across the grain – more so than the slices that are coming off the chunk of meat. Any difference in chew? Not a criticism – just wondering out loud – what would it have been like to cut it differently?
    Doesn’t look like tri-tip – which cut was it? later ………

  4. Hey Gordon,
    No, you are most certainly correct, I cut the longer pieces there incorrectly. However, in my defense I cut the other have of the tri-tip correctly.
    You know whut though, for whatever reason (cooked rare enough), I got away with it. Both sides of the roast melted in my mouth and noticed no difference between the two. That was one of the best tritips I’ve had in a long time. Perfection.

  5. Biggles, interesting to know that there wasn’t any significant difference in tenderness. thanks, I don’t cook tri-tip that often so it’s good to find these things out the easy way.

  6. Ya ever eat string cheese? Pull off little strands of cheese and nibble for fun?
    That’s why you cut the meat that way: string meat. Fun.

  7. Gordon,
    That being said, I’ve cut them incorrectly in the past and it’s like chewing boot leather. I know better, but I make mistakes like anyone else. Last night was a real hail mary. I usually like to get the boy’s dinner on the table by 6, give or take. It was 7:20 when it hit last night, Z wasn’t happy about it. I wasn’t too worried because they played with a neighbor kid nearly up until then, so no suffering was rendered.
    Cook more tritip, even in the oven. It’s good!

  8. Drat — all I have in the fridge for my lunch is some cold chicken. Cold comfort, I say, when I look at your tri tip. Great color.

  9. That looks good.
    Fire (or coals). My other favorite way to cook.
    I’ve been neglecting tritip for too long. Last time I grilled it I used some abortion of a marinade from Crap Illustrated and it sucked.

  10. That is a great looking tri-tip and a really nice picture. I just posted some pics of a bbq brisket I made earlier this week. Check it out on my site when you get a second.