9 thoughts on “If you had fat to rub?

  1. The beard dude. Yes, the beard.
    I mean, why you think mine shines just so?
    I find 3, maybe 4 times a year. 5 tops.
    I’d use the rest for some crust and fry some onions in the remaining. Make quiche and serve with bacon on the side (never enough in the damn things)

  2. That’s a very, very personal question.
    Monkey Wrangler is right: onions, and to start a dense sauce for pasta if the fat is not too smoky, and carefully fried eggs to eat with grits and to spoon into long-cooked greens toward the end of cooking (just a tad). To grease a pan for baking cornbread. For stir-frying fresh corn kernels. On and on and on….

  3. Big pan of fresh green beans, with a smoked hamhock, some diced onions and crushed garlic. Cook em slow until tender and serve with cornbread and iced tea.

  4. I’m actually facing a problem. Well, not a problem. A surfeit. I have about a pint of good bacon fat in my fridge and I’ve run out of ideas for it. It’s smoky – it comes from a real Tennessee hog that was sent into the afterlife on a pyre of applewood and hickory – so I’ve had a very indulgent fried egg, cornbread, added dabs of it here and there when I’ve fried chicken, but now I’m stuck and there’s still loads of it.