Hawaiian Jerky Co. – Pineapple / A Review!

Editor’s Note (that’s me, eh): There’s going to be a few of these jerky reviews and am going to use the intro from the first one, for all. So, if the first part seems a little redundant, it’s because it is, foo.
A few weeks ago the fine people at Jerky.com sent Meathenge Labs a load of jerky for our consideration. MmMmmm, Review Jerky! I smell a party comin’.
A meeting of the minds were scheduled for a mid Saturday get together. These would be, Cookie & Cranky of I’m Mad and I Eat, Chilebrown and Ms. Goofy of Mad Meat Genius, Zoomie of Zoomie Station, Sourdough Monkey Wrangler & his monkeys (even if for a few moments to share some home brew) and a good friend.
If you so choose, please visit for a few snapshots of the afternoon.
Here’s the new stuff, you knob.
Here’s a jerky I wasn’t expecting, a fruit. Hmm, okay, sure I’ll bite. And we did!
This jerky is individually wrapped, very thinly sliced, as you can probably see. Tell you whut, it’s huge in flavor. I’ve never been to The Islands and have always heard that the pineapple served there is by far the best you can get. And in these slices deliver. It’s dried, but after a moment it rehydrates and sends a smooth, rich pineapple sensation throughout. I don’t detect any smoke flavor, the package lists the ingredients as pineapple & honey. That’s it. And brother, it’s a winner. We all enjoyed this treat immensely and would most certainly recommend it to anyone, jerky lover or no.
Thank you so much Jerky.com for your care package, we enjoyed the afternoon greatly.

2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Jerky Co. – Pineapple / A Review!

  1. This stuff really is awesome! It is different, thats for sure…but i haven’t had one person try it that didn’t absolutely love it. I have never seen a product that pleased as many people as this one does.
    Thanks for the review!