Thanksgiving Day Gone – What now?

Make stock?
Here are the beginnings. Oh sure, I forgot to truss the pretty bird, sorry about that. But the breast turned out creamy, juicy and it just didn’t matter. For me, Thanksgiving is more about friends & family than producing the “gourmet” crap.
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13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Gone – What now?

  1. Hi,
    Well, what happened was the veggies came from one of those appetizer tray deals, my uncle brought it. I didn’t actually make those special for whatever it was that I made. You know what though? Oh man it was absolutely wonderful! We had a 21 pound turkey for 6 people and I got all the leftovers. The sheer volume of dark meat in there was amazing. The broth was so rich and perfect, the small amount of brocc & cauliflower really had next to no play in the end result.
    Mebbe I should thicken it a bit and make a few turkey pot pies!

  2. I envy you. One of the downsides to not having to cook the turkey oneself is the lack of leftovers to pick at and use in various ways. I mean, I’m always relieved to sail into the gathering with my contributions (this year, appetizers and a vegan pot pie for my granddaughter) but then late at night I can’t scrimp a bit of crisp skin and dark meat, and there’s no pot-o-stock on the stove. Ahh — never satisfied. Yes, do make pot pies: they’re one of the reasons turkey was invented.

  3. Whoah! What’s this? Vegetables on the front and center of your blog? Sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I ate turkey too.. and starchy things.

  4. Gahhhhh that Turkey was yummy. I Loved it! Thanks for being the chef of love….again. 🙂

  5. Dear Sir,
    I look very much forward to most magnificent article on “gourmet crap”. Perhaps you learn of such glorious food item in Cooks Illustrated?

  6. Hey Ryan,
    Yeah! Here’s mine, I smoked it.
    How would I know?
    G’s Mom,
    You’re welcome! It was fun eh? Again!
    CI ?!??!?!??!?!? Don’t get me started on those meandering nitwits who don’t know a slicer from a kitchen scrubby. “We don’t recommend using a charcoal fired grill because the lid imparts a bitter flavor.”
    If a restaurant or book has the word Gourmet in the title, I’m off in the other direction. GAAAHHHHH !!!

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