out of my element aw heck out of anyone’s element

Ahhhh, the coming of fall. The sun gets lower in the sky and the crisp breezes begin. The cool, moist smell of the trees’ leaves turning along with the absolutely brilliant colors that come with are only available once a year. The summer pace turns to one of the coming winter months as we plan for the holidays. The skies darken far earlier, the food gets heartier (gravy) and the relatives, cards and local parties arrive with wild abandon. Even the political climate is changing! The holidays go and leave us with a nice easy lean in to the new year. Some vow on the resolutions and some breathe a sigh of relief that 2008 is gone forever.
Now it’s time to set in for the winter and maybe catch a Sunday ball game with snow falling on the aggressive field of play. Even here we’ve had the heater on more than a few times and most certainly all night long to keep us all from getting the chivers. Bring on the winter! I have a huge pot of leftover great northern beans in the fridge to keep me warm. Bring. It. On.
Um, dude, it’s 75 degrees outside and the grass is bright green and full. wtf?
Take note, just because I mentioned I was wearing slippers the other night to catch the moon doesn’t mean I was wearing anything else.
Behold the glory that is The Good Reverend Doctor Biggles !!! All bow (or avert your eyes) and pay homage. It is warm, ask no questions, fire up all grills.
I have spoken.

7 thoughts on “out of my element aw heck out of anyone’s element

  1. 75 degrees outside? Sounds like my neck of the woods… on every third day! Then it drops down to 30 for a day, then 50 the next day… then back to 75. Mah sinuses just get used to the warmth and then BLAMMO!!! it’s 35 again….
    I hate winter… at least Oklahoma winter. But then I hate Oklahoma summers too… guess it’s time to think about moving, huh?

  2. 75 degrees??!! You’ve got to be kidding me! We’re currently at 23F (-5C) and headed down to -4F (-20C) overnight for a deep chill of a few days at least. But I suppose it’s all par for the course; it is Montreal. Need anything flash frozen?

  3. Hi All,
    Hmmm, you’re right, maybe I should find an apron?
    I don’t get to the snow very often, but have been. I remember keeping things in the fridge so they wouldn’t get frozen.
    We may pay a lot for living in this area, but so far it’s been worth every penny!

  4. Is that your meat grilling that I have been smelling over here in the Point? I am jealous! Have been meaning to make it into joya de ceren since reading about it here, am all geared up for some agua de coco and meat…