Green Light Jerky Company – #18 Jamaican Jerk

Last week I got a little delivery of some beef jerky, made by the people who contacted me. It was a gift and didn’t have to post it. But damn, the stuff is good and well worth the post. Plus the pictures came out really well, I thought.
If you take a look at the Green Light Jerky Company and what they have to offer, you’ll see it’s different from what many other companies deliver. First off, they make it. They use local ingredients and attempt to make it as organic and natural as they can. There’s no nitrates, no msg, no thickening agents, No food colorings. This is real beef jerky. I was sent their #18 Jamaican Jerk flavor, but they have a handful of others to try.
This version was of a medium thickness, on the dry and chewy side. Maybe 1″ wide and 6″ long. Once it hit the palate, the spices and herbs began to fly. Since it’s “home made” one piece may have some different flavors from the others, and that’s a good thing. On a finish, it was rich, nice and the habanero came in to play (heat).
If you’re not going to make your own, then then these guys have it covered. I’m impressed, it’s good jerky!

5 thoughts on “Green Light Jerky Company – #18 Jamaican Jerk

  1. Master Biggles,
    Long time no comment. Good to see you are back to your old self again….. Jerk anything is good, but cow is the bomb.
    Right about now you can find pre-cured Corned Beef for dirt cheap, its about to expire from the StPaddys rush. Its it will freeze and its ready for the low slow cold smoke thingy……

  2. Hey Salvage!
    I was just thinking the same thing, but had forgotten the day has passed. I’ll go out and get a few, thank you!

  3. You’re right, your pictures look really great. But do be aware that this was not a gift, by any stretch of the imagination. This company either hired a PR firm and paid them handsomely to get you to review their product or they had someone in-house send it to you, also with the goal of getting you to review their product.
    And they want you to review it so you can help drive their sales.
    The PR person (or in-house person) gets paid. They make money when you mention their product, so they get paid. The only person here, alas, who does not get paid is you.
    See, now, why this is not a gift? Good thing to keep in mind.

  4. Hey Cooking,
    Totally hip and understood. I get tons of review copies of everything from books, food, hardware and cooking fuel. 99% of the time I know where it’s coming from and let my readers know, exactly, where it’s coming from. I’m no nube, but I can be duped and I know it happens.
    However, I was contacted by the president of the company who clearly does most of everything from production, promotion and placement. He was totally cool to converse with, very laid back and enjoyable. The locations where his/her product are sold are within 30 miles of where I live. In my post, I said it was a review copy. But after I sent a URL of my review, he stated it wasn’t meant for review, just that he was a fan here and thought I would have enjoyed the goodies. This has never happened in over 5 years of Meathenge being on the web. In fact, I’ve had a similar prescence since 1998.
    I changed my post to reflect the fact that it was not initially for review, I even went back to our original conversation and I could not find anything that would have suspected he wanted me to review it.
    So, after review of my emailed conversations with Green Light Jerky, I have no reason to believe otherwise. Everything I’ve posted and talked about, stands. If, over the years, I find otherwise? I will update, sure as hell.
    And, after reading through their web site, I don’t believe they could hire PR firm, unless it was Aunt Alice. It’s too home-grown and too local to be otherwise.
    And! If their product is so good, in a market where such things are so pedestrian, why wouldn’t I want to send them sales? I’ve done the same with so many people over the years and they deserve every penny, every ounce of praise. I take my words here very heavily and would never pass along crap to any of my readers/loved ones or friends. If it’s on Meathenge, it’s approved by me.

  5. Cooking School is correct – it isn’t a gift. But I don’t see where that isn’t okay…. Blog writers write opinions that influence consumer behaviour. If a company wishes a blogger to be familiar with their products, that works well. The blogger gets to try it. If he is impressed or otherwise, he can share that with his readers.
    If a food manufacturer wants their products to be judged on their own merit, rather than packaging or marketing hype, that’s a good thing. Dr Biggles could just as easily have written a negative review if he didn’t like the goods.
    So all is well in the jerky world.