Happy Hens Farm – From Petaluma to the Berkeley Farmer’s Market

I haven’t been to the Berkeley Farmer’s Market in quite some time, been busy and very well distracted. Had a few moments to myself this morning and headed out with some scrilla, a bag and an aching in my heart.
Check out those eggs !!! I spied them at Highland Hills’ stall, along with some badass whole chickens. These ain’t your Feel Good Organic eggs or chickens, these are the real deal budro. I paid dearly for them, but I couldn’t resist, I had to have. I can hardly wait!
I got a lot more, you’ll have to wait and see.
xo, Biggles
Happy Hens Farm
P.O. Box 4468
Petaluma, CA 94955

6 thoughts on “Happy Hens Farm – From Petaluma to the Berkeley Farmer’s Market

  1. Oh yeah, Doc, you are so right! One of the nice things about Sonoma County west is these great range fed chickens who produce those really fab eggs with yolks the colour of golden gems!

  2. Hmmmm – What came first?
    Will you do something special like last Easter’s Chix?
    Love fresh Eggs, love the Yolk color, love the taste!
    Enjoy, Buddy!

  3. I seen them chickens of Ted’s in action, all clucking and running about, and might even have a pic or two for you. So, like, you gonna talk about roasting one of them birds? Cause sheeeit, the one I had last year was about the best damn roasted chicken I ever had!

  4. Hey, we need to check out the Pt. Richmond Farmers market; guide me Oh great one.