Meathenge hits YouTube – Beef Fat !!!

Hi Everbody!
I was flarking along through the nets and ran across a new technology, a new web site. Chef2Video. Basically, they allow you to run a streaming video or a saved one of your working kitchen. They’re trying to get chef’s and such to join in. Which, personally I think is a great idea. But they’re also willing to let nitwits such as myself in.
Speaking of nitwits, I was inspired to start something of my own. Here is the first video I’ve ever done in any arena for any reason. There’s no content and it’s only 13 seconds!
xo, Biggles

10 thoughts on “Meathenge hits YouTube – Beef Fat !!!

  1. I actually started BID as a companion blog to my YouTube channel.
    I forgot 2 things along the way:
    1) I don’t own a video camera
    2) I hate being on camera
    So much for that….

  2. Doc,
    video didn’t make it across the time barrier. I get only a large black square with a little red “x” in the top left corner. Would love to see the real thing!

  3. Can’t wait to see the Pork! A buddy is loaning me his camera (yes, in all that I do I don’t own a moving picture machine!) – So I can do some quick shorts (folding dumplings, etc.)
    Joe – Loved yours! You are missing one important ingredient however – GRAVY! 🙂

  4. HEYYYY! wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve “chatted”!
    Miss you! loved seeing you in motion in this vid.
    Yes, Amy and Elise are amazing people. And the next time I come to Bay Area (October) I want to meet ya!
    Tomorrow I venture in the land of CHARCOAL. Okay, specifically Dr. BBQ is coming over and giving me a Big Green Egg. There’s no on/off switch I hear. I’ve never even TOUCHED a BGE before.
    Is it all hype or really religion?

  5. Hey Jaden,
    Sorry I didn’t stop by earlier, been relaxing!
    Oh, it’s a religion alrighty. And while I’ve never used one, it’s not hype either. But it is kinda an elitist thing, I mean check the prices on those babies! 1200, 1500 bux? No way jose.
    October it is, I have it on my calendar!
    xo, Biggles