Hot Pit BBQ – Del Rio Texas

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Editor’s Note: Here’s another installment of JLee and Joe Bob’s trip to West Texas. They’ve been back now for a week or so and we’ve got some insight to what’s going on in BBQ there. Pretty cool trip, eh?
Remembering McBee’s in Hondo, a very swell brisket. Very moist, proper smoke. Lotsa side carbs here. Appears I am eating off Joe Bob’s plate, pacing myself. I’m wondering if we’re just getting lucky, or if there’s better cows this year. This sauce was sublime. Joe Bob ended up putting it on the beans even. Requisite Dr. Pepper, if there’s no RC Cola.
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JLee & Joe Bob
Hot Pit BBQ
309 Avenue F
Del Rio, TX 78840

5 thoughts on “Hot Pit BBQ – Del Rio Texas

  1. Hola, quisiera saber la antiguedad de este lugar ya que yo iba con mi papa que era de Del Rio Texas, hace 36 aƱos y quiero saber si es el mismo ya que quiero visitarlo con mi familia por lo sabroso que era…

  2. Here is the official translation:
    Hello, I want to know the history of this location now that I went with my Father he was from Del Rio Texas. It has been 36 years since I have wanted to know if this was the same place so that I can visit this location with my family for the beauty that it was

  3. I was born in Del Rio, and my grandfather introduced me to ‘the Pit’. I haven’t been back in 20 years, but I can STILL remember their food! The brisket, the sauce, the beans….everything is absolutely amazing. What’s even more amazing is that the place hasn’t changed a bit–looks exactly as I remember it as a kid. Seeing it again here makes me want to plan a trip back.
    Also, regarding the post before mine, I’m pretty sure this place has been around at least 40+ years. I hope it’s around for another 40.