Merry Gravy Day !!!


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Hi Everyone!
I wanted to stop by and let you know all is well here at Meathenge Labs. We’re hosting today’s meal and yes, it will include gravy! I have my little crockpot all set to sit on the table to keep the “sauce” warm. There’s nothing sadder than cold gravy.
Hugs, Kisses and Warm Thoughts to you all,
Rev. Biggles

13 thoughts on “Merry Gravy Day !!!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Reverend,
    I need help? I am gravy challenged. We are bbq ing the bird and the drippings are too smoky. Can you deliver a bucket of gravy?

  2. My family is anti-giblets. So my treat on Thanskgiving today was to cook up the turkey liver and heart as a snack. I sliced up the heart, and sauteed it in oil with thin slices of garlic, added a little bit of salt and herbs that I’d set aside for the turkey. Added the liver, cooked until nearly done, and deglazed with a splash of white wine.
    Yummy, small little snack for the turkey chef.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Need to catch up some time. Bet the gravy was awesome. Ours was made by a newbie – not so great sadly. Turkey was fantastic tho.

  4. Hey Cookie,
    Soup or a drop-down face wash. It turned out really well, was nice. As we’ve spoke up before, it was a simple one. The biggest difference from this year to the previous, I spent more time drying the bird. Patting and air, patting and air, let rest and more air. Stuffed under the skin over the breast with bacon, cooked upside down until it was done. Righted the bird until the skin was a golden brown. My sister and I tag teamed the flavors, flour, added butter, toasting of the flour. Drying the turkey gave it far less liquid in the pan, so the leavenings toasted exceptionally well, even had to use the motor-boat to cleave the fat in twain. Got it to an even consistency, coated the back of a spoon evenly, yet cleanly. Put through a sieve and served in to the crockpot so it would keep warm on the dinner table. Less is more.
    xo, Biggles

  5. Hey Owen,
    Ooops, sorry about that Owen. While it is a “simple” thing, gravy can go so wrong, very quickly. If she’s cute and over 18, let me know and I’ll be willing to give gravy training to help the future turn out far brighter.
    xo, Biggles

  6. Ah, a sieve! I shoulda done that. I’ve already found two small neck bones, and (oddly) a lime seed from when Cranky was making a very frisky G&T.
    I like the toasted flour idea. Yess. But no butter. Just pure turkey grease. And the backs we roasted were very moist, so a lot of good juice came out and turned brown and sticky. It was a lucky day.
    Crockpot. Must remember. You da gravy man.

  7. Hey Bill,
    Sorry man, I missed your comment and din’t reply! Wow, you really pulled that one together nicely. You get any pictures?
    Hey JLee,
    Oh, yeah I was in gravy rapture, sorry about that. I believe it should have read hardened turkey fond of love that I whirred to bits!
    Hey Cookie,
    I used the butter as a flavor muter, learned that from one of Shuna’s baking classes. Not only does butter give a nice texture to sauces, it mutes any crazy flavors and brings everything together so sweetly. That’s all there was to that.
    xo, Biggles