The Grub Shack – Terlingua Ranch Road in West Texas

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Editor’s Note: Ya know, nobody has ever accused me of being current. Here we find JLee, on her birthday (over a month ago), at the Grub Shack in West Texas. Joe Bob is doing all the fancy shootin’ with his electronical camera rig. Check it out, it’s a trailer with an awning out in the middle of fricken nowheres! JLee says:
I had been reading about this place on a blog, The Field Lab and then I saw Betty Doyle on youtube and knew we’d have to come here. A tiny place out in the middle of 360 degree desert eye candy, serving up hearty, filling food. This was by far the best breakfast of the trip. Egg, sausage & bacon on Texas toast, mmmmm. A couple of the ‘regulars’ were having biscuits and gravy, cracking on each other and life in general. Not a hipster or laptop in sight, aaaah.
The Grub Shack
Hwy 118 & Terlingua Ranch Rd

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Editor’s Note:
If you’re interested, or not, you really should visit The Field Lab link up there. I’ll bet it’s a lifestyle in a place you ain’t at or livin’ in. Here’s one of my favorite links on The Field Lab, it’s labeled Poop. I find it pretty humbling when I feel so high and mighty about buying locally grown and ranched food, then read about how someone has taken it about 10 steps further to do well by the planet. Cheers!
Annnn, since this picture was taken, Betty has packed up and headed out to take care of some sick relative. The Grub Shack has new people serving up the food action today. I don’t know yet if Betty plans on returning any time soon.

10 thoughts on “The Grub Shack – Terlingua Ranch Road in West Texas

  1. Hey John,
    It’s good to hear from you! As you probably read, really enjoyed the picture of your throne, nicely done. Say hi to Jerry and Eva from Meathenge Labs, with I could do it in person. Cheers, take care and keep warm!
    xo, Biggles

  2. Grandma Eva, Hope you are open the next time I come for a visit. Your cooking is delicious. I wish I had some right now!

  3. Hi Eva and Jerry,
    I will stop by the next time I am out that way visiting Ms Bunny..
    Great food and Great company, what more could you ask for?

  4. A big Hello from Jerry and Eva, We are having a great time out here in our little piece of the desert.We are meeting some of the nicest people in the world and cooking up a storm. Good food and GREAT customers at the Grub Shack.

  5. Hey Grub Shack,
    Nice of you to stop by, wish I could offer you a cool refreshing beverage. Hugs and Cheers from Meathenge!
    xo, Biggles

  6. Howdy, I eat there as often as I can. FOOD IS GREAT! company is great too! Sorry I missed meeting Betty before she left. The new owners are great people too.
    hope to see yall soon next time!