Mold Patrol !!! Mold Patrol !!!

Where has Biggles been in over a week? I thought I already mentioned that, Mold Patrol!
Downspouts? I’m doing it wrong. That combined with heavy rains, a clogged fan in the bathroom and 55 gallons of fish water in the dining area, spells moisture. Then? It’s mold. And I ain’t talking about a little bit, I’m talking gut the room and clean everything with bleach. What sucks most is the fact I did this a month ago.
Why haven’t I put in a French Drain system? It’s $3200.00 dollars. Oh Biggles, it’s just a hole lined with junk, just dig it yourself! No. Have you ever seen an episode of The Simpsons? Picture Homer putting in a drainage system, I shouldn’t be doing that on yours or my home. Besides, this includes a sump system that physically pumps the water to the street. I’m in the flatlands, no downhill to head to. On a lighter note, I did find my dehumidifier in the garage and it’s working like a charm. In just one night it pulled over a gallon of water out of the air.
So, if anyone has a French Drain system putter inner that they can donate or a 5 quart enamel Dutch Oven, it’d be much appreciated. This is of course, unless Haiti needs it, then send it to them first. They need all the love and support they can get. I, on the other hand, have food and alcohol available to me. I’ll be fine.
xo, Biggles

2 thoughts on “Mold Patrol !!! Mold Patrol !!!

  1. Rev, I’m so sorry… I was just through this recently too. Glad you have the wherewithall alcoholically to sustain yourself. ‘Ritas anyone?

  2. Hi Zia,
    Thank you. Mold is such a closed mouth situation, nobody wants to talk about it. But I’ll be nearly every one of us has had to deal with it at least once in their life if not every year or more.