A Preview to A Review

A few weeks ago a major player in outdoor cooking rigs sent me a 55 lb box, they wanted to know what I thought of its contents. It’s an interesting piece of equipment and am having to run at least 3 meals through it to see how it stacks up. What you’re viewing today is a boar steak from Ted the Rancher of Highland Hills Ranch, located firmly at the Berkeley Famers Markets. Kosher salt only, so creamy smooth with a tender bite that resists a tad then spreads.
xo, Biggles

6 thoughts on “A Preview to A Review

  1. Hey Cookie,
    Fanks! Was lucky, the food was coming off just as the sun was setting. Saw the colors begin to grow, ran to get my camera and had some fun.
    xo, Biggles

  2. Timely. It’s 7:45pm here and the sun is setting. I’m on the back deck with about 1 hour to go on my smoked chicken. The sunlight is coming across the yard at almost right angles. Just like these gorgeous photos. Great work!
    Can’t wait to see the full review.