Mississippi Catfish – Richmond, CA

Alright, gather close. Raise your hand if you’ve driven by a restaurant or food truck and swore to yourself that you really need to stop by and see what they’re up to? Yup, nearly all, myself included. Okay, how many of you drive past the same place day after day, week after week, then year after year saying the same damned thing? Oh, comon, tell the truth. Yup, nearly all, myself included.
Back when they started up, in the parking lot of Mel & Son’s Muffler, they were in a stark white catering trailer. Even had tables set up outside for people to enjoy their food stuffs. They spent 7 years there, and a few years ago moved in to a brick & mortar building right next door. I drive past anywhere from 4 to 6 times a day, watching & waiting. What a noodle, why not just stop the hell by and see what’s going on?
It wasn’t until I saw a smoker on a trailer puffing mightily away that I started twitching and biting my lip. Okay, I give up, you got me.
Parking is a little odd what with being surrounded by auto related service stations, not a biggie though. The place is exceptionally bright and clean, very inviting and well taken care of. A few tables in the center with the kitchen facing you in the back. If Pops is there, the conversation is boisterous and all smiley. Earlier in the day his son is in the kitchen, I hear his daughter comes in later in the day. Ordering was easy because the son helped, me. I mentioned I’d never been and looked lost. He suggested the Lunch Delight with 2 pieces of catfish, 3 hushpuppies, slaw or fries for $7.25. And it comes with a soda !!!
Ain’t that somethin’? The cornmeal coating on the fish is thin, tasty and has a nice toothy crunch. The meat is firm, yet yields, then goes down quickly. I’ve been 3 times now and so far I’ve never just received 2 pieces, it’s always been a bit more. The hushpuppies were perfect in every way, crunchy on the outside, creamy steamy on the inside with nice savory wafty flavors. On the first one I did the fries, having 3 fried things at once was too much. On the second visit I ordered the slaw, was good, had raisins in it, didn’t ask if they make it er not. Oh, make sure you ask for an extra hot sauce packet or two if you’re getting it to go. It comes with 1, 1 is not enough and they’re happy to oblige.
All in all it was an uplifting experience with really tasty catfish & hushpuppies. Heck, I’d pull off the freeway for those ‘puppies! Oh, and the best part? I’ve always been the only white boy in there!
Mississippi has other items on the menu as well, snapper, prawns, wings (I think) and L&D BBQ Thursday through Saturday. Start with the catfish, yes start there and move your way around the menu as you see fit. I’ll get to the que as my budget and time see fit.
xo, Biggles
Mississippi Catfish, inc.
12440 San Pablo Avenue
Richmond, CA 94805

15 thoughts on “Mississippi Catfish – Richmond, CA

  1. I prefer snapper to catfish. And make mine a six piece. Is this in the old home of H. Salt before they moved down the street?

  2. Hey Kailyn,
    Naw, it’s actually a hand full of blocks south right before you go under hwy 80. It’s where Marchant’s Speed Shop used to be. It’s about half a block south of Catahoula Coffee!
    xo, Biggles

  3. Okay, not a huge catfish fan but the rest sounds scrumptious, so I’ll give it a try one of these days. Maybe coffee at Catahoula, then lunch there?

  4. Looks delish. Reminds me of a trip I took a few years back to Kentucky for a friend’s wedding. We had catfish and hush puppies (with a great green tomato salsa) at the rehearsal dinner. Made the two-day drive completely worthwhile

  5. I’m really not much of a fish eater (being the meateater I am), but that plate looks great-and hushpuppies? I only get those when we travel south of the Mason-Dixon line. Nice…..

  6. Hi Everyone!
    Hey Tupper,
    I’m not either, it really depends on how it’s cooked/prepared. But this fillet is deep fried! I’ll eat vegetables if they’re deep fried. Just try it once one day.
    xo, Biggles

  7. Oh My! I miss the South. I just wanted to jump right inside the screen and then have to eat my way back out. Grrrrrr.

  8. Wow that looks delish. I live in the south, and I can’t find anything that looks that good around here. Sniff…

  9. Can’t believe that I just finally got around to trying this place out in the last couple of months. It was definitely delicious. Planning to head back today,