Want to listen to music on your iphone? No earbuds? Meathenge can help.

I spent most of today doing chores, many of the to-do items required driving long distances. By 3pm the boys and I were pretty bushed, we reclined to TV, movies and video games. Z had some homework to deal with and settled on the living room floor for a while. After running a load of laundry I came in and found his iphone in his mouth.
He was listening to the Dead Kennedys, mouth open, volume down a bit. I offered that maybe if he turned it up, and put his teeth (gently) on the iphone that it might improve it.
It did! Said it was running through his skull, sounded like a real speaker or earbuds.
So, if you don’t have the earbuds to support your music habit on your iphone, put it in your mouth and hold it steady. There’s 20 bux saved! Not sure how your friends, family or anyone near you will react when they realize you have an iphone in your mouth. And, not convinced this move would be covered under warranty, so be careful. I have contacted Apple with this method, so maybe it will be approved!
xo, Biggles

9 thoughts on “Want to listen to music on your iphone? No earbuds? Meathenge can help.

  1. In my opinion the Dead Kennedys just sucked at any volume. They were always a second rate band. They would open for Pearl Harbour & The Explosions or Flipper at the Berkeley Square. We were relieved when they were done.

  2. Dude! This reminds me of a sucker from maybe 10-15 (shit, maybe 20) years ago. It was battery operated, with a small motor of sorts in the handle, that played music. That is, only if you had it in your mouth and could use your nug for personal amplification purposes. Cool as you are my friend, this just might be recycled technology.