Do you have any idea what’s the life span of meat?

Rarely do I post anything that points to something cool or interesting on the web, figure you got that taken care of by now. But this is so great, and I just know you haven’t read it already, I had to stop by immediately to give you the scoop.
It’s a short story by Terry Bisson and I’ve only known about it for less than 10 minutes. It’s so good (and short, that’s good for you Twitter Heads), I couldn’t resist
Terry Bisson
They’re Made out of Meat.
xo, Biggles

4 thoughts on “Do you have any idea what’s the life span of meat?

  1. Being a Meathead for my entire existence on this rock, I now understand why I have repeatedly had thoughts of interstellar travel- I have been probed, and I’m not speaking about my last colonoscopy!

  2. Love it. Shared it on Facebook and a friend told me that the story was recently part of an exhibit at the Tech Museum in San Jose.

  3. That’s a classic. Can’t remember where I first read it, but it’s ~great~