Forgetful Entry #19 – A / wtf?

And, Dang. I know it’s been a while, but dang. A few moments ago was cleaning out the folders on my desktop and ran across a few pictures I’d taken a few months ago for a post. Yet another meal that lingered, then fell by the wayside. It took me nearly 5 minutes to sit with the pictures and the name of the jpg before I could remember anything about the meal. Shake those cobby webs Biggles!
Chilebrown of Mad Meat Genius gifted me a bottle of Kansas City Cowtown BBQ Sauce, and apparently I smoked a chicken, then glazed the sucker with the sauce. See?
Um, I don’t think ol’ CB knew what he gave away. Or maybe he did realize the gift he gave me and I apologize for it taking me 2 months to post about it. But this BBQ sauce is hands down, among some of the best bottled BBQ sauces I’ve ever had. Heck, it’s a better BBQ sauce when compared to some of the ones I’ve made or been served over the years. The damned stuff is really good, tangy with a finish of sweet, smoky goodness and thick enough to stay put. Sure there are the purists and the elitists who won’t do sauce, but sometimes sauce is good. Sometimes I like having sauce with my smoked goodies and if and when I decide it’s time for sauce, dangit, I’m going to have some sauce! Even makes an impression 2 months later.
Hmmm, or maybe it could very well be that I only had a bowl of cereal for dinner and I’m hungry. Either way, if you see this sauce on a shelf or online somewheres, it’s Meathenge Approved. Hungry or no, it’s a solid contender.
xo, Biggles

8 thoughts on “Forgetful Entry #19 – A / wtf?

  1. Thank you! And yeah, still alive and kicking. Doing better today than a few months ago, still have a ways to go though.
    Before the cold and rain hit, was able to do some upgrades on the outdoor kitchen area. So, hopefully when some decent weather hits I’ll be able to make use and enjoy them. OH yeah.
    Good to see you and keep warm!
    xo, Biggles

  2. Can I have it back? I am glad you enjoyed it. If I knew that it was that good I could of picked up several more bottles when we visited K.C. I do have a K.C. connetction that may hook us up.

  3. Hay, Santa G,
    Right back at ya! And thank you, doing just fine. Spent the day with some pork ribs and ‘mater sauce in the crock pot. It’s just about done and I can hardly wait.
    xo, Biggles

  4. Hey Dr. Biggles,
    Just found your site from the Food Bloggers Network. Looks like you’d be a perfect fit for Gourmet BBQ, a new group I’m moderating. Hope you’re well, and 11/14 is my birthday, so I hope it’s not associated with anything too nasty!