Jones’ BBQ – El Sobrante California

Yeah, yeah, I’ve reviewed Jones’ BBQ before, quite some time ago actually.  And, if my swiss related memory served me correctly it came to 3 different times spanning from 2004 ending in November of 2005. Never was able to get anything worth finishing, toss. No smoky goodness, sauce that over powered by the 3rd bite and lackluster sides.  Oh the horrors!

Wait a minute, wait just a goldarned minute.  Uh, if we use math, that’d be over 5 years ago.  Really?  Honestly, it only seems like a few years ago. I just went back and checked, yup. It was nearly 6 years ago I last stopped by.  Seems only fair I give them another shot, eh? Besides, I was pale & shaking from lack of food and this hillbilly was hungry!

As you can see, this here is California BBQ. It comes slathered in sauce. Sure, I could have asked for it on the side and they would have gladly obliged me, not a problem. But wanted to see how it came without my direction, next time it’s sauce on the side. And, was a little disappointed to see hunks of chicken breast instead of chicken parts. The way I figure it, they were probably out of parts and made do with what they had on hand, totally acceptable.

The sauce has changed greatly over the last 5+ years, far thinner with some sweet action followed by a nice bite of vinegar.  It was good, not over powering. And you know what?  Each and every bite had smoky flavors! That’s right folks, smoky love was present this time. Each and every bite of chicken and ribs were tender and smoky. The rib meat came from the bone with a tug, chicken had good texture. I ordered a side of tater salad and beans, they were fine.  Nothing to write home about and could have used 3 packets of hot sauce on top. But brother, or sister, I wasn’t there for the sides. It’s all about the meat!

To sum it all up, this 2 way combo of chicken & ribs totally didn’t suck. A bit pricey at 22 bux, but I suppose that’s pretty much standard for the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re local and haven’t been or haven’t been in a while, stick your neck in the door and have a try. I’ll be back and will see how their fried chicken is doing.  I enjoyed it the last time, I remember Chilebrown wasn’t impressed though.  MMmMm, fried chicken.

Jones’ BBQ
3550 San Pablo Dam Road #B3
El Sobrante, CA 94803

xo, Biggles

11 thoughts on “Jones’ BBQ – El Sobrante California

  1. Nice! Meaty bones, good stuff. Elso Branny is a little far for me (which makes it all the more worthwhile to fire up the hickory chunks in my yard). If the weather would get nice!!

  2. Let’s go back and try it. I will try the barbeque and you the chicken. It was several years ago and I tried the fried chicken. The container the chicken came in had more flavor and was more tender.

  3. I love bbq…love it love it love it. This all looks just too damn delicious.
    Good to stop by and see you still doing good work Biggles. Best to you.


  4. Cherie !!!!

    Hay, it’s good to see you! Thank you so much for stopping by. Am attempting to get the ball rolling, yet again. I’m hungry.

    xo, Biggles

  5. When you first opened up we all at the bar down the road tried the food at different times and it ended up everyone agreeing how tasteless the chicken was, that there was enough fat on the ribs to deep fry a turkey, the sausage had no snap only a mushy old dog. Simply the meats were over cooked and fatty. The amount of food was a rip-off. The service at both my visits made me feel like i was intruding, not friendy at all. To this day I still hear that nothing has changed and not even the local homeless would not eat their. We need some good old Oakland BBQ

  6. I will readily admit to loving the Everett & Jones in Oakland’s Jack London Square. I have had less success with the Jones BBQ’s in other locations. Glad to hear that this one was good. If you’re willing to go to JLS, Saturday night is the time to go. They have live Chicago-style blues and the food & atmosphere really make the night.

  7. Hi Gracie,

    This Jones’ BBQ has no affiliation with the Everett Jones locations. That being said, the Everett Jones in Berkeley on San Pablo Avenue has been a local favorite for more than 20 years. Haven’t been able to afford going out for que, so been making my own as of late.

    xo, Biggles