Meathenge’s Smoked Crop Circle Chicken

Happy Monday!  We did up this whole chicken in the Charbroil Smoker Roaster Grill last night.  Came out absolutely stunning in 1 hour, crispy, smoky skin action included. Trussed and rubbed well with kosher salt is all one needs.  I got the nifty crop circles by cooking it upside down with the breast portion resting on the bottom of the meat holding basket. Way cool, eh?

xo, Biggles

12 thoughts on “Meathenge’s Smoked Crop Circle Chicken

  1. To make myself clear, lots of commercial chicken in the US is both kosher and halal. I recently learned the halal part was creeping out the fundies.

    • Yeah, was hip to the kosher aspect. There’s a cool, local Halal market around the corner from me here. Years ago they had a small meat counter where I could find some super badass goat legs. It was more than hospital clean and the proprietor was quite intrigued that someone like me was there and interested in their food stuffs. But the meat counter quickly departed, I figured because it wasn’t up to county standards and what-not. Aw, well.
      xo, Biggles

      • Not yet.

        When I’ve done ribs or pulled pork for parties, I’ll empty a bunch of cans of pork-and-beans into a foil tray and warm them on the smoker (which is usually running at about 225 at that time). They thicken up a bit (dehydrate) and pick up some smoke flavor.

        Next time I do chili I will probably cook it in a dutch oven in the smoker, for kicks. Without the lid for a while, then with lid to finish.

        Got a good recipe for pork chili verde?

  2. LOVE YOUR BLOG … love this chicken. I’ve been cooking my birds upside down for years … but I do this ::

    Roast first on side for 15 minutes, roast on other side for another 15 … then roast upside down for 30 and last 15ish (DEPENDING ON WEIGHT:) right side up to get that breast color …

    Will be back !