Xmas 2003 Barbecue Meat

MeatHenge hosted the meal this year, sort of at the last moment. We had considered not doing much else other than relaxing and doing what we felt like (watching dvd’s). At the semi-last moment we decided to cook and invite. My wife wanted to do a Canadian Pork Pie (tourti

2 thoughts on “Xmas 2003 Barbecue Meat

  1. Congratuations on having pork and chicken for your Christmas fare!
    All of us beef lovers will have to take a holiday and give the other beasties a go, what with the latest news from WA state! So, I say, now is the time to get educated on “how to” the porkies!

  2. Hmmm, well. My response is probably very predictable. They are going to have to prove my local high class meat butcher has beef infected with any thing other than delicious sweet love. So until then, it’s beef steak, roast and ribs from now on. It’s just how I am. Hugs.