Easy Bake Oven Bake Cake update

Back on April 30th I posted something about working with E’s new Easy Bake Oven. He and I worked through a few things such as cookies and a heart shaped cake. I ran in to a few snags, but I have to say it was an awful lot of fun. Well, last week we ran out of ‘mixes’ and figured we would order some replacements online.
Nah, we found them at Toys R us a few days ago and last night Mama and E made a cake. E wanted me to do it, but it was Mama’s turn this time. Besides, she’s the baker.
During this adventure, she found out that one door is smaller than the other (scraped the top off the cake) and you need to make sure you push the cake all the way in. This means I’ll be taking it apart, again, and scraping the interior clean.
Drop what you’re doing and go git one of these things, they fun !!!

8 thoughts on “Easy Bake Oven Bake Cake update

  1. Yeah, real chocolate cake is great. *Fake* chocolate cake, like the stuff made by Easy Bake is iiiiiiicky. Me thinks I’ll have to take a real recipe and scale it down.

  2. Hmmmm, ya know I hadn’t tried. I’m thinking that would be a big NO. Cause it cooks with a light bulb …
    I do remember when I was a really tiny little boy of about 4 years old my parents got me some boy-like oven and it did hamburgers. But it took an hour or so to cook it. Way too long for a little person. Huh.

  3. Hey, I know it’s an old thread, but I’m slow on the uptake…didja know there’s actually a full-on EasyBake cookbook with recipes from celebrity chefs? I forget what it’s called, but I’ve seen it on the shelves at several major bookstores lately. Some of the recipes might be worth checkin’ out.

  4. Oh we’re hip alright. We found one that uses real ingredients, just scaled down. The stuff comes with it or available at toys r us, well they’re horrible nasty things. We’ve been busy though, so no updates have spewed forth.