Meat Dinner – The Second Day

Unless you have children, please take that ugly ass space hogging microwave oven (and I use the term oven loosely) and have it recycled in to a spoon. Or something equally as useful. Yeah, I don’t want to hear the whining. “But it’s so fast, it saves time” and “oh it’s so economical.” And it ruins every piece of food you put into it. “oh but it does corn & taters & bacon so nicely.” Great, you have something the size of a large dog on your counter to steam corn. You’re so SMART !!!

Would you really put these wonderful leftover pieces of joyous meat in to a microwave? Some of you would, yes. And what you’d be gifted with is rubber. That don’t fly. Next you could try to integrate them into some kind of hash, that sounds really good. Ooooo, even a turkey pot pie! But you have left over gravy and stuff, just one more traditional dinner platter would be nice. If you have the time you could wrap in foil, toss in to a 300 degree oven (after sprinkling a tad with water, just a bit) for 15 or 20 minutes.
Nope, do this. Grab your vegetable steamer. Get it bubblin’ hot, toss in yer meat pieces for 5 minutes. Ker POW. Perfection. Try it this way, go now.
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