Swiss Meat Stuff with Oxygenee

Mrs. Meathead and I would like to introduce you to our buddy Oxygenee. He’s the proprietor of The Virtual Absinthe Museum and La Fee Verte Absinthe House. After a few weeks of discussing Meathenge and passing meat and exotic wood jokes back and forth, Oxygenee offered to send us some pix of these yummy delicacies he had while he was in Boveresse.

As promised, direct from Switzerland, for Meathenge:
Bundnerfleisch and smoked sausage from the chalet at Le Creux-du-Van described in my postings on the forum.
Boveresse June 05 (8).jpgBoveresse June 05 (9).jpg
From L’Ermitage des Ravet, a two Michelin star restaurant at Vufflens-le-Chateau, a VERY expensive Swiss lakeside town, home to Michael Schumacher amongst others:
Breaded cutlets of fallow deer, served with a small ramekin of highly concentrated truffle sauce, topped with a puff pastry toque. Fuckin’ incredible. We drank a 1981 Vega Sicilia “Unico” with it.
Boveresse June 05 (11).jpgBoveresse June 05 (12).jpg

One thought on “Swiss Meat Stuff with Oxygenee

  1. Oh man, that salami looks SO good. I can almost taste it, then I can’t. Then I want some really badly because I can’t. Grrrr.