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Fatted Calf breakfast sausage quietly frying on low heat in a cast iron dutch.

Heeyaw! OH man, check out this week’s special. Heritage Pork Shoulder Pot Roast stuffed with chard & walnuts. There’s nothing there I don’t like. And since it’s a nice shoulder portion, a long slow braise or roast is in order. I just love cooking meat for hours, love.
Remember, by eating heritage meats we’re saving a breed of animal that could very well drop from the face of the earth. These animals were bred many moons ago and fell to the wayside for breeds that grew faster, bred easier and yielded more meat per beast. So, save the heritage breeds by eating them on a regular basis, I do. Meathenge cares.
While the pork crepinettes look divine, my eyes dropped right down to the Boudin Blanc with braised chestnuts. These will have to be tried and applied, I can hardly wait. I did up a portion of the Guinea Hen Terrine last week, but don’t see it today. Awww, no sweet guinea. Maybe a Rillettes would be fine and this would want to be duck for sure.
All in all it looks like a fine week at Fatted Calf and if you want a roast, you must reserve it. Otherwise, they be gone by the time you arrive. Please reserve your roast or anything else you’d like HERE.
Take care and see you at the market!

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Anyone game for a little antiquing this week? Forget the collectible coins and stacks of moldy old mags; the latest obsession is vintage pig. In an effort to combat the monoculture of agribusiness, preserve the diversity of
flavor as well as a little piece of living history, small farmers are reintroducing breeds like the Red Wattle and the Duroc.
This week at The Fatted Calf you can acquaint yourself with Berkshire Pork from Newman Farm located in the Ozarks of southern Missouri. The Newman family pasture raises their hogs without the use of growth hormones, animal protein by-products or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. The Berkshire, just one of the many rare varieties available from Heritage Foods ( http://www.heritagefoodsusa.com ), is more marbled and richer than your
modern pig. We love the deep nutty flavor and dense texture it lends our Tonno di Maiale and it makes for a truly succulent Pork Pot Roast. You can collect these and other retro meat treats at the market this Saturday.
Saturday, February 25
Heritage Pork Shoulder Pot Roast stuffed with chard & walnuts
Pork Crepinettes with duck liver, pistachio and caramelized onions Boudin Blanc with braised chestnuts
Sweet Italian
Breakfast Sausage
Pates, Confits & Terrines
Duck Pate
Pate Maison
Duck Liver Mousse
Duck Confit
Duck Rillettes
Pork Rillettes
Tonno di Maiale made with Heritage Farms Berkshire Pork
Petit Sec Aux Herbes
Spanish Style Chorizo
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Smoked Ham Shanks
Duck Demi
Glace de Viande
Sugo di Carne

4 thoughts on “Heritage Pork Shoulder Pot Roast stuffed with chard & walnuts – Fatted Calf Newsletter

  1. Hey Teri,
    I had to pass this week. I’ve got a few roasts in line already.
    I was considering braising it in milk like I did a few weeks ago with a pork sirloin.

  2. Hey Lady,
    Oh yes. I ran across it a while back, here’s the post:
    It’s an Italian situation and of use in The South here as well. But more on the pork chop side of it.
    The milk does something to the meat and turns it in to this tender, juicy crazy good meat. My wife woke up the next morning remarking about how Dangerously Tender the pork was. Uh, just so you know, that’s tender.
    I did a chicken last week and it was equally as crazy tender. But I think I’ll stick to the pork, you can cook it longer than the chicky.